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Golden Wedding Ring Quilt Block Digitised

SewWitty's Golden Wedding Ring Block

SewWitty’s Golden Wedding Ring Block

This is another block that is only 1/4 of the final block. Check out a whole one here. It came together quite easily – I’m starting to feel more confident using Embird. As you can see in the image, I had a bit of difficulty cutting my pieces big enough, but this is just a practice run to determine whether my digitised design is OK.

I think I now have eight blocks: Log Cabin, Pineapple, Flying Geese, Courthouse Steps, Snail Trail, Iowa Star, Golden Wedding Ring, Hour Glass. My plan was to make 12 blocks for my sampler quilt, so only four more to go. Although at some stage I changed my template, so I need to double check the earlier blocks.

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Jekyll and Hyde Cushion

Flying Geese Side of Cushion


Hour Glass Side of Cushion

I finished my cushion. I’m calling it my ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ cushion because the fabrics on each side are so different.

In the end it came together quite easily. I wondered how easy it would be to put a zip into two quilted pieces of fabric, but that was fine. Now I have to decide what block to do next.

You can find the machine embroidery designs here.





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I’m still working away on the Jane cardigan and I’ve decided I need to break things up and get on with some of the other half finished projects – like this quilt …

or this quilt (made from the girls’ baby clothes) …

I’ve also got a bit of digitising to do …



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New Projects

I have two new, rather large, projects on the go. The first is a quilt made from the girls baby clothes.

This seemed like a lovely idea, but cutting the squares and rectangles is very time consuming.

The other project is this one by Amy Herzog

 I’ve cast on three times so far …

Above is the first time and you can see it’s twisted – like a mobius strip. It might all end badly.


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Finished Quilt

I’ve finished this quilt. Here is the back …


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Dino Quilt is Finished

I finished my Dino Quilt. Above is the front and below is the back.

I free-motion quilted it using a stippling pattern. I found this to be quite tricky simply because of the size of the quilt, but in the end I’m pleased with the results. As always, I could do with more practice.

I tried a new binding technique. I remembered what happened last time and followed my own advice. I cut the binding strips 2 inches wide, attached them to the back first and then machine sewed them to the front.

Still not completely perfect, but I am happy with the results.

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The Quilting is Finished

I finished quilting the Dino Quilt – the above image is of the back. I stippled it, but I don’t think I pinned it enough – there seems to be a bit of shifting.

Onto binding and labelling.

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I’ve started quilting. I’m stippling this one. I’m finding it physically quite challenging – manipulating all of the fabric and then bits fall of the table and drag on the needle. It is still probably the best part of the quilting process.

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Ready to Quilt

I am already to quilt. New needle (quilting #11), free motion foot is on …

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Pinning, Pinning, Pinning

I’ve been pinning this quilt – took ages and I jabbed myself with pins more times than I care to remember. And in the end I didn’t make the backing big enough and I need to add another strip.

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