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Finished Pair of Socks

Finished socks!

I knitted these in one long tube, from cuff to cuff, cut the tube in half, added toes and after-thought heels. From this book …

I thought I would give a new method a try, but it’s not my favourite method. I think I will revert back to one at a time with a heel flap and gusset.

I used Heart & Soul yarn from Sirdar in shade 0050 and my usual knit pro zings (2.25mm)

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Another Sock Finish

My version of Hermione’s Everyday Sock

I finished the second sock.

This was an enjoyable knit. Although I am not overly taken with the heel flap pattern, I think next time I will just do my usual heel flap.

That makes three pairs of socks so far this year. I am going to return to working on my Scout shawl so that will slow down sock production.

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A new sock project

A new sock

As you can see from the image, I have finished one sock and I am now working on the second.

I do like the stripy yarn.

I am using the stitch pattern from Hermione’s Everyday Sock Pattern (ravelry link), but I am using my usual sock recipe.

The leg is a bit longer than usual because I was enjoying the stripes.

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Another Sock Finish

Finished Cashmere Sock

I finished my socks. The yarn is from the Yarn Trader (The Wool Barn Cashmere Sock in Misty Mauve). The yarn is lovely, but I need to see how it wears before I purchase more.

I did a slightly fancy cuff

Candle Flame Rib

And the rest is just stocking stitch (with a slip stitch heel).

I have started another sock project but I want to get onto knitting something with my yarn advent calendar.

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A finish! Nutcracker socks

Nutcracker socks

I managed a lot of knitting this week because I was watching the second season of The Gilded Age – a beautiful soap opera.

The yarn for these socks is from West Yorkshire Spinners – one of their Christmas yarns.

There is a band of twisted stitches down the leg and across the foot (I wrote about it in my last post on these socks).

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One Nutcracker Sock Finished

Nutcracker sock finished

I finished the first of my Christmas socks. There is a band all the way along the leg and foot –

R1: P1, (Slip 1 knitwise, YO, PSSO, P1) 3 times

R2:P1(K2, P1) 3 times

The yarn is from West Yorkshire Spinners (colourway Nutcracker). Usual needles (2.25mm).

The heel flap uses the same stitch pattern as the band (except R2 is reversed K1 (P2, K1) 3 times

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Finished my Alex’s Blanket

Alex’s Blanket

I finished my version of Alex’s blanket last night. There are a few errors, but I pushed on rather than ripping back.

Here’s the first mention of the blanket -I started in August, so I was reasonably quick with this one.

Next up, I am going to knit a swatch for my Nutcracker socks – and while I am waiting for Christmas Eve/Day I will work on my cashmere socks.

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New Christmas Sock Yarn

So I ordered Christmas sock yarn (from the Yarn Trader – it arrived fast and beautifully wrapped)

I started knitting Christmas socks in 2018 – that year I used the Fairy Lights colourway from West Yorkshire Spinners and I have returned to them this year with the Nutcracker colourway (it has a bit of sparkle as well). My 2018 socks are still going strong as well.

It is a busy yarn, so I will probably do a simple pattern – although I am tempted for this pattern (which I have in my stash).

I plan to start Christmas day (or maybe Christmas Eve), which means getting the swatch and planning done in advance.

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New Sock Project

I was away last week (here) and I wanted an easily transportable project. I started a new sock (the colour above is wrong it’s more mauve).

The cuff is a twisted stitch pattern called Candle Flame and I shall do the leg and foot in stocking stitch – maybe a slightly more interesting heel.

The yarn is from The Wool Barn – it’s their cashmere sock in Misty Mauve colour way.

I am using my usual 2.75 mm needles.

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Finished Socks

DK Weight Socks are finished

I finished my socks. They’re plain socks – top down, with a heel flap.

The yarn is from Yarns by the Bay (DK Muddy Waters – 100 grams, 85% SW Fine Merino and 15% Nylon).

I have now started a new blanket;

Alex’s Blanket

I bought the kit from Crossways Wool and Fabric – the kit comes with everything you need (you even get to choose wood or metal needles – I went metal).

I have started twice, but I think I have the hang of it now. It should make good TV knitting. I am just starting to re-watch Little Dorrit (from 2008). I have even read the novel (Little Dorrit)

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