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Free Standing Lace

Free Standing Lace – the stars (snowflakes) on the left and the book marks on the right are from Designs by Juju and the stars in the middle are from Urban Threads

I have been enjoying making free standing lace – my machine is coping really well with it. I am going to try earrings next.

I am using the brothread water soluble stabiliser and it’s good (I am using two layers)

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Christmas Decorations

Free Standing Lace Star from Urban Threads (Design UT21424)

I thought I would make some Christmas decorations using free standing lace – I have made a couple of these before. This time I have bought some Christmas decoration hangers from Amazon and I will turn them into decorations and give as gifts (small tokens).

I am using two sheets of water soluble stabiliser (the one above is like paper, but I am also using the film version). Embroidery thread (Robinson Anton Candy Apple Red) on top and in the bobbin. I have slowed my machine down to 500 s/min so these take a long time, but they look good.

A short clip of the stitch out because I find it mesmerising.

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Dame Nature du Printemps Update

It’s a bit weird because of my magnifier

I have been working on my Dame Nature du Printemps (from Jardin Prive). Progress has been slow – lots of unpicking. I bought this pattern for the sheep and chook, so I am enjoying this bit.

I am using the called for DMC and 32 count linen (colour way mocha – the linen is beautiful).

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Dame Nature Du Printemps

Dame Nature Du Temps from Jardin Privé

Any stitching time that I have had, I have been working on my Spring piece from Jardin Privé. To feel less over-whelmed I am being a monogamous stitcher. Progress is very slow. Yesterday I think I achieved 10 stitches (after I had to unpick).

I bought the kit as well as the pattern.

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Dame Nature Du Printemps Cross Stitch

Printemps from Jardin Privé

I have been working solely on this project (Dame Nature Du Printemps). I bought the kit with 32 count linen.

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Introduction to Jacobean Crewel Work is Finished

I finally finished my RSN crewel work piece. My pomegranate is poor, but I am happy with the rest of it. Given how much I love knitting, I thought I would enjoy working with wool, but I didn’t enjoy the process. I like how it looks, but my yarn (a dodgy batch?) was a bit scraggly.

The course itself was fabulous; great videos that you can watch over and over again. The kit is great and contains everything you need (except a hoop and scissors).

I am contemplating the black work class, but the puffin doesn’t really appeal to me. However, it’s about the learning rather than the end product.

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Machine Embroidery – Blackwork

My plan is to cover a wooden box with embroidery – something like this one. Because I don’t know how well this is going to go, I am doing my first attempt with machine embroidery (the above took 35 minutes).

I am using a design from Embroidery Library. I am stitching on linen using sewing machine thread and a cutaway medium weight stabiliser.

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New Project Bag

I am determined to turn my stitched pieces into something useful – rather than framing them. Hence the needle book and now a project bag.

The cross stitch is cinnamon stars by Plum Street Samplers. I quilted around the cross stitch, lined the bag with mushroom fabric and added a zip.

This bag is enormous 56cm by 50cm, which means my largest Q Snap should fit.

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Needle Book

Finished Needle book

I turned my mattress ticking surface embroidery piece into a needle book (no more putting my needles into random bits of fabric or paper)

I put a piece of wool felt inside for the needles.

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Zipper Bag

New Zipper Bag from Pixie Willow Patterns

It’s school holidays here, which means no students for a couple of weeks, so I have set my embroidery machine up on my desk.

The design is from Pixie Willow Patterns. The instructions were good and it was easy to put together (it did take me a couple of hours).

My corners aren’t very crisp and I wish I had done the stitching down of the background in black, but I am sure I will make another one and I will do that then.

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