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Bayeux Tapestry

I have started work on my Bayeux tapestry kit – I am just doing the stem stitch around the main mast. I have cobbled together two Q-snaps, but it seems to be working (there is a nice sound when you pull the thread through the fabric).

My stitching class re-starts this friday, so I am not sure how much progress I am going to make, but I am very keen to give the Bayeux stitch a go.

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Stitching Progress

I think I have finished my slow stitch project.

I am just letting it sit for a bit, to see if I want to add anything else.

Yesterday, I went to a course at Calico and Ivy. It was given by Pauline Franklyn. It was stitching flowers, using 4ply sock yarn and lovely fabrics (combining all of my loves).

This is Pauline’s version

I really enjoyed the class and now I have lots of plans and ideas. To add to my many projects already on the go, or packed as kits in my stitching box.

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Holiday Craft Purchases

I went on a trip to Edinburgh, London, Bayeux and Paris. I wanted to see tapestries, and I saw so many. Starting with the reproductions at Stirling Castle, then all of the tapestries at Palace of Holyrood House (this place is wall-papered in tapestries), the tapestries at the V & A (plus I saw the Syon Cope), Hampton Court Palace, the Bayeux tapestry (not a tapestry but an embroidery) – this one had the best audio guide, The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries at the Cluny Musée (there were other tapestries here as well) and the tapestries at the Louvre. We saw a lot of tapestries.

In between seeing tapestries and visiting book stores, I bought some craft supplies (as souvenirs).

In Paris I went to Ultramod (the oldest haberdashery in Paris) and bought trim. I then went to Le Bonheur des Dames and bought the chicken cross stitch (this store is down a very cool passage – well worth a visit).

In Edinburgh I went to Kathy`s Knits and bought sock yarn – Abercairn Yarns (the top skein in the above image).

In London, I went to Liberty (embroidery scissors and fabric – I plan to embroider on the fabric), and to Loop where I got that second skein of yarn (it’s a La Bien Aimée, so it’s like a London/Paris souvenir).

And finally in Bayeux I bought an embroidery kit – I am going to attempt to make one of the boats.

While travelling (planes and trains) I worked on a sock

It’s just a plain sock (I didn’t want anything too complicated), the yarn is from Fiber Lily (I think it’s called Apple Blossom Fairy).

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Slow Stitching

Progress on my slow stitching project

I am really enjoying this process. Trying out different stitches and techniques. I have never used beads or sequins before. I still have some bugle beads to try. Each new stitch becomes my favourite – although chain stitch, french knots and back stitch are probably my top three stitch choices.

I am mostly using perle cotton (size 8 and 5), and some silk left over from my coaster project.

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New Stitching Class Project

This term in my stitching class I am working on a slow stitch project.

I took a photo of some leaves in Kings Park and had it printed onto cotton by Spoonflower.

I have some linen fabric to which I am going to attach things. I have some beads, an organza flower, fabric I tea dyed, colour catchers that I dyed with green tea.

At this stage I am going to stick with straight stitches and beads, but it might evolve.

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Second Coaster Finish

Finished Coaster

I finished my second coaster. I, unintentionally, went a bit ‘off-piste’ with this one. It’s a good thing the Sprats Head 2 (in the corners) are quite forgiving.

The design and threads are from Beautiful Stitches.

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Second Coaster

Second coaster

I have started work on a second coaster – different threads and design. Both threads and design are from Beautiful Stitches.

I am using congress cloth and silk threads.

I am very pleased that I managed to get the Diamond Jessicas in the right place.

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Green Gables is Finished

Green Gables Cross Stitch

I finished! Admittedly it is a small cross stitch. I enjoyed working on it – I made a mistake on Matthew and had to unpick quite a bit (I had already moved onto Marilla).

The pattern is from Petal Pusher. I used 32 count zweigart (Platinum) and the called for DMC thread.

I think I might do the Longbourne one as well.

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New Project

Start of a new project

I have started a new cross stitch project.

It’s this one from Modern Folk Embroidery.

Image from Modern Folk Embroidery

I am using a 40 count linen from Zweitgart – I am not sure of the colour possibly ivory – and a silk (au ver à soie) 100/3 colour 650.

I am enjoying 40 count and one strand.

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Coaster Stitching is Finished


The stitching on the coaster is finished.

I am using 24 count congress, silks and pattern from Beautiful Stitches.

I am planning a second one, but I think I might do my own design.

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