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Dame Nature du Printemps Update

It’s a bit weird because of my magnifier

I have been working on my Dame Nature du Printemps (from Jardin Prive). Progress has been slow – lots of unpicking. I bought this pattern for the sheep and chook, so I am enjoying this bit.

I am using the called for DMC and 32 count linen (colour way mocha – the linen is beautiful).

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Dame Nature Du Printemps

Dame Nature Du Temps from Jardin Privé

Any stitching time that I have had, I have been working on my Spring piece from Jardin Privé. To feel less over-whelmed I am being a monogamous stitcher. Progress is very slow. Yesterday I think I achieved 10 stitches (after I had to unpick).

I bought the kit as well as the pattern.

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Dame Nature Du Printemps Cross Stitch

Printemps from Jardin Privé

I have been working solely on this project (Dame Nature Du Printemps). I bought the kit with 32 count linen.

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Machine Embroidery – Blackwork

My plan is to cover a wooden box with embroidery – something like this one. Because I don’t know how well this is going to go, I am doing my first attempt with machine embroidery (the above took 35 minutes).

I am using a design from Embroidery Library. I am stitching on linen using sewing machine thread and a cutaway medium weight stabiliser.

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New Project Bag

I am determined to turn my stitched pieces into something useful – rather than framing them. Hence the needle book and now a project bag.

The cross stitch is cinnamon stars by Plum Street Samplers. I quilted around the cross stitch, lined the bag with mushroom fabric and added a zip.

This bag is enormous 56cm by 50cm, which means my largest Q Snap should fit.

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Cinnamon Stars is Finished

My finished Cinnamon Stars

I finished my Cinnamon Stars cross stitch.

The design is from Plum Street Samplers, and I stitched it on 32 count linen (it’s a mystery colour – I bought it from a craft fair), two threads over two threads, using all of the called for colours (a combination of weeks dye works and gentle arts).

I think I am going to make it into a project bag.

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Record, Map and Capture – Jordan Cunliffe

My embroidery teacher brought this book to class, and clearly, I had to find a copy. This is like the intersection of two of my great loves; stitching and maths. Not to mention story telling with stitching and maths.

Here’s a bit of a book description …

This stylish and fascinating book from up-and-coming textile art star Jordan Cunliffe shows how raw data, maps and personal experience can be distilled into textile art, producing mesmerising works with deep meaning, whether obvious or hidden, and concentrating on the smaller, quieter moments that make up our lives.

Jordan explores the use of stitched data to tell stories, pinpoint special places on maps, convey secret messages, and record personal detail, for example daily walks or nightly sleep patterns. Her finished work is beautifully precise, including a long strip of fabric containing a stitch for every day of her life, a reimagination of a favourite childhood book in unreadable code, and pleasing beaded representations of secretly important documents.

Almost any aspect of your life can be represented in graph or map form, and here are many practical ways to achieve this, whether it’s recording the colours of flowers on a favourite path to create your own unique palette, or encoding your most private thoughts in beaded morse code. This visually stunning book explores a new way of working and will help you explore a fresh new angle in your embroidery and textile work.

Illustrated with a wealth of examples of the author’s own work as well as pieces from other data focused artists from around the world, Record, Map and Capture in Textile Art proves beyond all doubt that data can be beautiful, and can inspire stunning works of stitched art.

I have so many ideas for my memory/special things project. I can incorporate special pieces of fabric, use evenweave fabric (my preferred choice) maybe even put in a secret code.

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New Class Project

New Class Project

Now that my Gingerbread House is finished, I needed a new project for class. It has to be something easy that doesn’t require all of my paraphernalia (magnifying glass, stand, etc.). So I ordered this cushion from Ehrman, it is Blooming Roses Charcoal by David Merry. I am just doing tent stitch.

There are a lot of colours in similar shades, so I might be getting it wrong, but I am just going to push on.

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Testing Reds

Au ver a soie reds (the spools are 100/3 and the skein soie d’alger

After all my other embroidery projects (Cinnamon Stars and the RSN crewel work), I want to make the Home Sweet Home sampler from Modern Folk Embroidery. So I have bought a few different reds from Stitchers’ Corner to test. I am going to use this linen (Sand 40 count)

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Gingerbread House Finish

My Gingerbread House is finished!
Side view with the Christmas Tree

I finished the Gingerbread House! First mentioned in December 2018. I stopped working on it for a number of years, but in the last six or so months I was determined to get it finished.

The pattern was from the 2016 Family Circle Christmas Special and for a while you could get the charts online, but I don’t think they available anymore.

I used a plastic canvas I bought from Spotlight (kind of like this one), one sheet is probably enough for two houses.

I used the called for DMC floss (six strands). I needed multiple skeins of the white and the gingerbread colour, but a single skein of the other colours is enough.

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