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Davaar – Kate Davies and Tom Barr

Davaar – Kate Davies and Tom Barr

I like the publications from KDD (Kate Davies Designs). I think I have all of them. Their publications are beautiful; lovely designs and beautiful photography (like the one below).

This one has a series of essays on various aspects of Davaar, and then the patterns.

There are 10 patterns; things like a hat, cardigan, scarf/shawl, etc.

I am quite keen to make the Iola cardigan (on the one on the cover) and maybe use a variation of this stitch pattern on a sock

If you are a knitter, her patterns are beautiful and interesting, it’s definitely worth trying one.

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Mosaic Knitting Workshop

Mosaic Knitting

I went to a workshop at Calico and Ivy on Mosaic knitting, run by Pru Raymond. It was a lovely afternoon.

I didn’t finish my washcloth in the class it took a couple of TV knitting sessions.

The yarn is Finch 10ply Cotton, my colours are Mulberry and Ballet. It makes a lovely, squishy fabric.

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New Knitting Project – Scout Shawl

Scout Shawl by Florence Spurling (image from the pattern)

Now that the blanket knitting marathon is over I am going to start a new project. I bought the kit for this shawl a few years ago (so long ago I can’t remember where I go it – I think it was from here and I have kit 1).

My colours for the shawl

I wound them into balls a couple of days ago and now I am ready to start knitting.


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A New Hat

Yarn for a Roadside Beanie

I am going to make Miss A a hat – a roadside beanie. I bought the kit from Calico and Ivy.

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Stranded Colour Work

Stranded Colour Work

A dear friend has decided she knits to learn how to knit, so she has started classes – here – I decided to go too. As I wanted to make the most of the opportunity, I decided to do something I had never done before – colour work. I quick search on Ravelry lead me to Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Crafty class (Definitely worth it if you are considering it).

I have just got to the first colour section and so far so good – I am able to hold the pattern wool in my left hand (I am a thrower so I thought this would be beyond me). Feels odd, but seems to be working OK.

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