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Project Update

I have been working on some of my projects.

  • Gingerbread House (Top Left) – I have almost finished one section of the roof and then its just the other roof section. I am only working on this at my stitching group, so it’s months from completion.
  • Cinnamon Stars (Top right) – I have worked on this for a few hours this week. While watching the movie version of Brideshead Revisited and a new SBS series Vigil. I was watching Vonna’s floss tube yesterday and she mentioned that she only ever uses size 22 needles (regardless of the linen count), so I thought I would give that a go.
  • I have joined A Bee in the Bonnet’s Golden Honey Sock club, so the yarn (bottom left) is for the first pattern. I have since made it into a ball and started knitting the swatch.
  • More progress on covering the joins of Miss A’s quilt. It’s physical hard to man-handle the quilt through the machine.

There will be no new projects until some of these are finished.

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Barchester Chronicles

I’ve been watching The Barchester Chronicles.. It stars a very young Alan Rickman (as well as many other familiar faces). It’s lovely to watch – the costume and design are fabulous. It doesn’t seem as vibrant as modern period dramas, but that might have something to do with the quality of the recording (video tape maybe). Definitely worth viewing if you’re a period drama fan.

I’ve never read any Trollope, but I picked up a copy of The Warden from my local second hand book shop.

Here is a review of the television series

And a review of The Warden

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