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Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Progress

I haven’t been able to work on my quilt because Miss P is using the sewing machine to make a ball dress (purple satin!). So it’s back to the cross stitch.

I have almost finished another side, just the back stitching left, and then it’s onto the two roof pieces.

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Covid Project

Maria Doll

I have Covid (as does Miss P and Miss A), so we are all locked-down for 7 days. I haven’t felt too bad, and now I just feel very tired.

I decided I needed a Covid project, but it had to be something I already had because I can’t leave the house (and anything I ordered online would take a while to arrive).

Mr H suggested one of the kits that came with a magazine I bought in Bussleton (I think it was a Simply Knitting magazine).

So I have been working on a Maria doll. It’s knit flat and then seamed, so that will be a test for me. I have her head, arms and clothes to go. My plan is to knit everything, block everything and then seam everything.

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Making Magazine – Dots

Making No 3 Dots

I kept hearing and seeing this magazine and decided I had to have one.  If just for these socks …

Kanoko Socks by Mary Jane Mucklestone

As I have done her colourwork class on Craftsy, I think I could tackle these socks.

This magazine is beautiful and there are a lot of fabulous projects – sewing, embroidery, weaving, crochet and knitting – the photography is stunning, even the paper it is printed on is lovely.

To get it to Australia, however, it was $39 US ($51 AUD), which, let’s face it, is a lot for a magazine. If I subscribe, the price comes down to $43 AUD per issue, which, for me, is still too much. This is just about the tyranny of distance and although I completely understand the decision to make it print only I would love to be able to get a digital copy!




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Selvedge – the Decorative Issue

Cover of the Decorative Issue

I love this magazine, but I rarely buy it for a few reasons: by the time it gets to Australia it is expensive (plus it is hard to find) and I am not always taken with every article (it costs a lot I need to read every word). However, this issue is perfect. There are articles on sequins, costumes, Opus Anglicanum and embroidery in literature and what that means (combination of two of my loves reading and embroidery).

Cosprop Costumes


Alice Archer – she is a embroiderer (machine) and fashion designer

There is a profile on Alice Archer (here is another article) – check out this skirt…

And I want to visit this store (I need to go back to London – an entire store devoted to ribbons!)…

VV Rouleaux

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We’ve been struck down by what felt like the plague, but was just gastro. The whole house was sick for a week – we just resurfacing now.

I did manage to knit a bit more (while sitting on the couch with sick children) while watching ABC3 – I’ve seen a lot of ABC3 in the last week.

I’ve returned to my baby clothes quilt – still cutting, but the end is in sight…

Also, Jane Austen Knits is out.

I think I will have a go at some of the socks.

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Inspired Machine Applique with Michele Hill DVD

I bought the Homespun magazine (not the current one but the previous issue) because it came with Inspired Machine Applique with Michele Hill DVD.  I love doing applique, but I’ve never worked out the best way of attaching my shapes to the background fabric.

Michele’s (she’s the one on the left in the image) quilts are amazing; complex with lots of intricate looking shapes.

Here she is laying out her pieces …

She had quite a simple technique (probably hard when you try it yourself). She copied the design onto applique paper which she then ironed onto the wrong side of the fabric. Cut the shapes out (this is probably a bit tricky), removed the paper and ironed them onto the backing fabric.

She then stitched around the pieces using a blanket stitch an embroidery sewing thread (she prefers rayon).

She has a great method for stitching points – she simply stitches across the points.

I should point out that she would normally use a matching thread (she used the white to make it easier to see).

Michele had a really personable style and a really relaxed approach to the process. If you are at all interested in applique, I would recommend seeing this DVD.

Michele has her own blog and a couple of books.

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I received my Inspirations magazine – the above is Nettie Morris’s Washing Day. It’s a thread painting …

Imagine the time and effort involved. I’m amazed …

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Blackwork Butterfly

I subscribe to the Inspirations magazine and in issue 52 they had this blackwork butterfly by Tanja Berlin.

I like it and I would like to try to replicate it with machine embroidery (my hand embroidery is hopeless …).

Here’s part of a wing that I’ve been working on in Thred.

It still needs a bit of work and it will be quite a drawn out process (not as long as doing it by hand though)

And another wing …

I’ve also changed the angle of the fill slightly.

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Inspirations Magazine

My Inspirations magazine arrived today.

Inspirations Cover

This is one of my favourite magazines – I have yet to make anything from it, but the pictures are beautiful.




I doubt I’ll ever make anything like these (and certainly not by hand), but they’re beautiful and certainly inspiring.

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