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Dino Cushion

I’ve finished the front of the dino cushion. The applifix worked really well and I will use it instead of vliesofix in the future.

For this applique I used normal machine cotton (last time I used embroidery thread), a blanket stitch (on my machine Mode 2, 35) and a width and length of 1.5mm.

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Inspired Machine Applique with Michele Hill DVD

I bought the Homespun magazine (not the current one but the previous issue) because it came with Inspired Machine Applique with Michele Hill DVD.  I love doing applique, but I’ve never worked out the best way of attaching my shapes to the background fabric.

Michele’s (she’s the one on the left in the image) quilts are amazing; complex with lots of intricate looking shapes.

Here she is laying out her pieces …

She had quite a simple technique (probably hard when you try it yourself). She copied the design onto applique paper which she then ironed onto the wrong side of the fabric. Cut the shapes out (this is probably a bit tricky), removed the paper and ironed them onto the backing fabric.

She then stitched around the pieces using a blanket stitch an embroidery sewing thread (she prefers rayon).

She has a great method for stitching points – she simply stitches across the points.

I should point out that she would normally use a matching thread (she used the white to make it easier to see).

Michele had a really personable style and a really relaxed approach to the process. If you are at all interested in applique, I would recommend seeing this DVD.

Michele has her own blog and a couple of books.

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