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Christmas Decorations

Free Standing Lace Star from Urban Threads (Design UT21424)

I thought I would make some Christmas decorations using free standing lace – I have made a couple of these before. This time I have bought some Christmas decoration hangers from Amazon and I will turn them into decorations and give as gifts (small tokens).

I am using two sheets of water soluble stabiliser (the one above is like paper, but I am also using the film version). Embroidery thread (Robinson Anton Candy Apple Red) on top and in the bobbin. I have slowed my machine down to 500 s/min so these take a long time, but they look good.

A short clip of the stitch out because I find it mesmerising.

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Zipper Pouch

Finished 5 by 7 Zipper Pouch

I made one of the zipper pouches from my Craftsy course – Miss A did ask me why I keep making things brown and I think I have fallen into the trap of not wanting to use my ‘good’ fabric on a practice.

It came together pretty smoothly. A few things I need to remember for next time:

  • the design needs to be rotated 180 degrees as the hoop attachment on my janome is on the opposite side to whatever machine the designer used.
  • don’t iron over the labels if you have used an erasable pen!
  • there is a lot of wasted fabric and I could cut the pieces much smaller.

Next up I am going to try the 6 by 10 version – as this one is slightly too small (getting my phone in and out is a bit painful).

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Journal Cover Finished


Front Cover!

Front Cover!



I finished my journal cover-I used a silk dupion (has a beautiful lustre). It frayed like made though and I didn’t want to trim the corners in case it just frays away (I did zig-zag all of the raw edges).

I think the embroidery it too large for the cover, but that is what I made it for and realistically I am not going to use a bigger journal.

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New Sewing Machine

Janome MC500e

Janome MC500e

I bought myself a new sewing machine (that’s the photo from the Janome site…). It’s a Janome MC 500e. I had hoop envy – the biggest hoop on my MC 350e was 200mm by 140mm now I have 230mm by 280mm!

I want to explore two things – making an all over embroidered fabric that I can then use to make other things and constructing things in the hoop.

Zip Pouch - Made completely in the hoop

Zip Pouch – Made completely in the hoop

I made the above zip pouch thing, but it had strange construction techniques – I think I have a better way of doing it. And I think the zip needs to be a bit lower, so the top can have crisper corners.

I upgraded my Embird Studio and started digitising again.

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Joining Wadding

I like to join pieces of wadding (or quilt batting) together – it’s such a waste throwing out the off-cuts.

I abut the two pieces together – no overlapping and join them with a zig zag stitch. I use a multiple zig zag, but I’m sure a normal zig zag would work as well.

I’ve used this method several times and had no problems with the wadding coming apart or shifting. You just want to make sure there isn’t any lumps along the join (no overlapping)

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Dino Cushion

I’ve finished the front of the dino cushion. The applifix worked really well and I will use it instead of vliesofix in the future.

For this applique I used normal machine cotton (last time I used embroidery thread), a blanket stitch (on my machine Mode 2, 35) and a width and length of 1.5mm.

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Applique Cushion Finished

I’ve finished the cushion for Miss A.

A few things I discovered; vliesofix is fabulous, but there must be a cheaper way of buying it,  a finer blanket stitch was best (Mode 2 36 on my Janome 6600p), as the envelope style backing is quite generous a button is not required.

Here is a closer look at the applique…

I like the way the frill (extra bit around the edge of the cushion is created. Once the cushion cover has been assembled, turned right side out and pressed, you sew just inside the border seam.

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Applique Success

I’ve started stitching around the edges of my applique cushion. This one …

I’m using bobbin fill on the bottom and rayon embroidery thread on the top (Robison Anton Rayon). I’m using a blanket stitch (stitch number Mode 2 35 if you have a Janome 6600p – I’m also using the F2 foot, which makes it much easier to see what you are doing) with a length and width of 1.5mm.

I’m surprised by how easily this is all coming together – it’s not perfect by any means, but easier than I expected.

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Sampler is Finished

I finished this sampler – I’ve blurred the name and birth date in the middle.

Here is the back …

I used 2.5 inch strips to bind the quilt. This worked much better for me than 2 inch strips.

I quilted in straight lines using a stitch length of 3.5mm – the normal setting for my machine is 2.2mm – I think the longer length does make for nicer quilting.

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Quilting Again

I’m feeling re-motivated and keen to get back into crafting. I’ve started quilting this sampler. I’m quilting in straight lines on the diagonal (using my Accufeed foot – it is fabulous) and purple masking tape (it’s low tac) to mark the lines.

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