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Free Standing Lace

Free Standing Lace – the stars (snowflakes) on the left and the book marks on the right are from Designs by Juju and the stars in the middle are from Urban Threads

I have been enjoying making free standing lace – my machine is coping really well with it. I am going to try earrings next.

I am using the brothread water soluble stabiliser and it’s good (I am using two layers)

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Machine Embroidery – Blackwork

My plan is to cover a wooden box with embroidery – something like this one. Because I don’t know how well this is going to go, I am doing my first attempt with machine embroidery (the above took 35 minutes).

I am using a design from Embroidery Library. I am stitching on linen using sewing machine thread and a cutaway medium weight stabiliser.

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Zipper Bag

New Zipper Bag from Pixie Willow Patterns

It’s school holidays here, which means no students for a couple of weeks, so I have set my embroidery machine up on my desk.

The design is from Pixie Willow Patterns. The instructions were good and it was easy to put together (it did take me a couple of hours).

My corners aren’t very crisp and I wish I had done the stitching down of the background in black, but I am sure I will make another one and I will do that then.

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New Project Bag

New Knitting Project Bag

I made a drawstring bag for my sock projects. The design is from Urban Threads. I stabilised it with calico, but I should have used something more sturdy as there is a bit of puckering.

I used instructions from Martha Stewart to make the bag.

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Drawstring Bags – Machine Embroidery

Drawstring Gift Bags

I thought I was been cunning by making drawstring bags on my embroidery machine, but it wasn’t as smooth as I expected.

I used a design from Pixie Willow Patterns. The instructions were fabulous – very well written with lots of detail and images. And the design stitched out perfectly. I struggled to get the drawstrings through all of the layers, I did exactly as written in the instructions, but it was still tricky and time consuming. I will make them the old-fashioned way next time, but it was worth a go.

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Crafty Birds – Machine Embroidery

Crafty Little Birds Embroidery Design from Urban Threads

It’s time for a new project bag.

The design is from Urban Threads.

I am using calico as a stabiliser, which might prove to be too flimsy, and I am floating the fabric after attaching it using a basting spray.

I’m using a Metafil needle (size 12, Klasse), which is fabulous no thread breakages yet.

The Stitching Out process

I have slowed my machine down to 500spm, so its going to be a long process (102 minutes of just stitching) and I want to make two.

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Lace Stars

Lace Star – design from Urban Threads

These stars appealed to me – decorations, present toppers, etc.

Stitching the Star

I found two layers of water soluble stabiliser worked best (hooped perpendicular to each other).

I used the same thread as both my top thread and my bobbin thread.

I have slowed my machine down to 500 spm. I am not sure if that is necessary, but everything just seems to work a lot better. At this speed it does take 70 minutes, but there are no colour changes.

Red Star

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Making embroidered Fabric

Embroidering on Silk Dupion

I oiled my machine (a Janome 500e). I had been putting it off because it seemed a complicated business, but in the end it was fine. Just read the instructions and do one step at a time. And I am sure next time it will be even easier.

I was keen to use it after that. I have been wanting to make embroidered fabric – that I could then use on another project, so I decided now was the time. I used one motif from Graceful Embroidery (Dainty Vines collection) and I copied it and rotated it until I was happy with the layout (I used Embird).

Finished version

I am going to make a zipper pouch out of it – need to make fabric for the second side.

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Another Project Bag

Blustery Tree from Urban Threads

As I have a lot of projects on the go, I need a lot of bags to keep them in! So I am making another project bag. The embroidery design is from Urban Threads (Blustery Winter Tree).

I will quilt it like I did my ‘Field of Flowers‘ and put in a zip. It is slightly bigger than ‘The Field of Flowers’ bag because that one is a bit over-full with my Hansel knitting project.

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Project Bag – Pi

Project Bag

The Pi embroidery is a design I bought from Urban Threads a while ago (maybe a year) with plans to make a project bag. Originally I planned black on white, but then I saw this embroidery and thought white on black was very effective (I have this design too – already stitched out).

I just made a simple lined draw string bag – Martha Stewart has a great video tutorial.

It is the perfect size for a sock project.

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