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Free Standing Lace

Free Standing Lace – the stars (snowflakes) on the left and the book marks on the right are from Designs by Juju and the stars in the middle are from Urban Threads

I have been enjoying making free standing lace – my machine is coping really well with it. I am going to try earrings next.

I am using the brothread water soluble stabiliser and it’s good (I am using two layers)

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Christmas Decorations

Free Standing Lace Star from Urban Threads (Design UT21424)

I thought I would make some Christmas decorations using free standing lace – I have made a couple of these before. This time I have bought some Christmas decoration hangers from Amazon and I will turn them into decorations and give as gifts (small tokens).

I am using two sheets of water soluble stabiliser (the one above is like paper, but I am also using the film version). Embroidery thread (Robinson Anton Candy Apple Red) on top and in the bobbin. I have slowed my machine down to 500 s/min so these take a long time, but they look good.

A short clip of the stitch out because I find it mesmerising.

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