Finished Pair of Socks

Finished socks!

I knitted these in one long tube, from cuff to cuff, cut the tube in half, added toes and after-thought heels. From this book …

I thought I would give a new method a try, but it’s not my favourite method. I think I will revert back to one at a time with a heel flap and gusset.

I used Heart & Soul yarn from Sirdar in shade 0050 and my usual knit pro zings (2.25mm)

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Slow Stitching

Progress on my slow stitching project

I am really enjoying this process. Trying out different stitches and techniques. I have never used beads or sequins before. I still have some bugle beads to try. Each new stitch becomes my favourite – although chain stitch, french knots and back stitch are probably my top three stitch choices.

I am mostly using perle cotton (size 8 and 5), and some silk left over from my coaster project.

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Progree

Progress is slow but steady. I have almost made it across the top border.

More project details here.

I am enjoying the 40 count fabric and the Au ver à Soie 100/3 silks.

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New Stitching Class Project

This term in my stitching class I am working on a slow stitch project.

I took a photo of some leaves in Kings Park and had it printed onto cotton by Spoonflower.

I have some linen fabric to which I am going to attach things. I have some beads, an organza flower, fabric I tea dyed, colour catchers that I dyed with green tea.

At this stage I am going to stick with straight stitches and beads, but it might evolve.

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Second Coaster Finish

Finished Coaster

I finished my second coaster. I, unintentionally, went a bit ‘off-piste’ with this one. It’s a good thing the Sprats Head 2 (in the corners) are quite forgiving.

The design and threads are from Beautiful Stitches.

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Scout Shawl


I have been working on my Scout Shawl, I think I have started it about 7 times, but I am on my way now.

I’m about halfway through section 1. And I am catching the second colour every third stitch.

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Another sock project

Start of a new sock project

I wanted a small project to take on a plane, so, obviously, it was going to be socks.

I am going to try to knit two socks at once, from this book

Knit 2 socks in 1 – Safiyyah Talley

I am using my usual 2.75mm needles and I have cast on 60 stitches. I am just doing a plain vanilla sock while I am getting the hang of it. I have had the yarn in my stash for ages – I think it’s been discontinued.

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Second Coaster

Second coaster

I have started work on a second coaster – different threads and design. Both threads and design are from Beautiful Stitches.

I am using congress cloth and silk threads.

I am very pleased that I managed to get the Diamond Jessicas in the right place.

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Green Gables is Finished

Green Gables Cross Stitch

I finished! Admittedly it is a small cross stitch. I enjoyed working on it – I made a mistake on Matthew and had to unpick quite a bit (I had already moved onto Marilla).

The pattern is from Petal Pusher. I used 32 count zweigart (Platinum) and the called for DMC thread.

I think I might do the Longbourne one as well.

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Another Sock Finish

My version of Hermione’s Everyday Sock

I finished the second sock.

This was an enjoyable knit. Although I am not overly taken with the heel flap pattern, I think next time I will just do my usual heel flap.

That makes three pairs of socks so far this year. I am going to return to working on my Scout shawl so that will slow down sock production.

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