Christmas Decorations

Free Standing Lace Star from Urban Threads (Design UT21424)

I thought I would make some Christmas decorations using free standing lace – I have made a couple of these before. This time I have bought some Christmas decoration hangers from Amazon and I will turn them into decorations and give as gifts (small tokens).

I am using two sheets of water soluble stabiliser (the one above is like paper, but I am also using the film version). Embroidery thread (Robinson Anton Candy Apple Red) on top and in the bobbin. I have slowed my machine down to 500 s/min so these take a long time, but they look good.

A short clip of the stitch out because I find it mesmerising.

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Blanket Progress

Alex’s Blanket Progress

I work on this while watching television (I just finished the fourth season of All Creatures Great and Small – there is some lovely knit wear in it).

I have two more repeats to go before I finish of the top border – there are a few places we I have gone a bit weird, but I think that just adds to the charm.

The blanket is a kit from Crossways Wool and Fabrics.

Yesterday, I went through my yarn stash checking to make sure there weren’t any critters (there wasn’t), I did do a bit of an inventory and I have 51 skeins of sock yarn!

Sock yarn pile of shame

I buy sock yarn for all sorts of reasons; it’s pretty, you only need 1 skein to make a pair of socks (I don’t know how much yarn I would need for a jumper), souvenir yarn, feeling happy yarn, feeling sad yarn, etc, but I really must stop buying it (because I want to knit other things as well).

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New Christmas Sock Yarn

So I ordered Christmas sock yarn (from the Yarn Trader – it arrived fast and beautifully wrapped)

I started knitting Christmas socks in 2018 – that year I used the Fairy Lights colourway from West Yorkshire Spinners and I have returned to them this year with the Nutcracker colourway (it has a bit of sparkle as well). My 2018 socks are still going strong as well.

It is a busy yarn, so I will probably do a simple pattern – although I am tempted for this pattern (which I have in my stash).

I plan to start Christmas day (or maybe Christmas Eve), which means getting the swatch and planning done in advance.

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Dame Nature du Printemps Update

It’s a bit weird because of my magnifier

I have been working on my Dame Nature du Printemps (from Jardin Prive). Progress has been slow – lots of unpicking. I bought this pattern for the sheep and chook, so I am enjoying this bit.

I am using the called for DMC and 32 count linen (colour way mocha – the linen is beautiful).

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New Sock Project

I was away last week (here) and I wanted an easily transportable project. I started a new sock (the colour above is wrong it’s more mauve).

The cuff is a twisted stitch pattern called Candle Flame and I shall do the leg and foot in stocking stitch – maybe a slightly more interesting heel.

The yarn is from The Wool Barn – it’s their cashmere sock in Misty Mauve colour way.

I am using my usual 2.75 mm needles.

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Davaar – Kate Davies and Tom Barr

Davaar – Kate Davies and Tom Barr

I like the publications from KDD (Kate Davies Designs). I think I have all of them. Their publications are beautiful; lovely designs and beautiful photography (like the one below).

This one has a series of essays on various aspects of Davaar, and then the patterns.

There are 10 patterns; things like a hat, cardigan, scarf/shawl, etc.

I am quite keen to make the Iola cardigan (on the one on the cover) and maybe use a variation of this stitch pattern on a sock

If you are a knitter, her patterns are beautiful and interesting, it’s definitely worth trying one.

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Patty Lyon’s Knitting Bag Of Tricks

Patty Lyon’s Knitting Bag of Tricks

This book is great. It contains very useful information. The focus is on why and then the how just happens. The structure of each stitch is described; knit, purl, m1l, k2tog, etc, and then there is information about how to improve each stitch. There is information on joining a new ball (always at the start of a row? maybe not), stitching pieces together, casting on and off, and shaping.

There is a great discussion on gauge and why we should all be knitting a swatch and then how to use your swatch to modify the pattern to suit your gauge.

I bought the Kindle version, but on my Kindle Oasis, the images were missing. However, when I used the Kindle app on my Ipad the images were there. Just something to be aware of when purchasing the e-book.

It is definitely something I will refer to in the future.

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Alex’s Blanket Progress

Alex’s Blanket Progress

In the evenings, while watching TV, I work on this blanket. I am about half way through. I bought it as a kit from Crossways Wool and Fabrics.

I think the Bailey blanket pattern looks good too, but I need to finish this one first

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Dame Nature Du Printemps

Dame Nature Du Temps from Jardin Privé

Any stitching time that I have had, I have been working on my Spring piece from Jardin Privé. To feel less over-whelmed I am being a monogamous stitcher. Progress is very slow. Yesterday I think I achieved 10 stitches (after I had to unpick).

I bought the kit as well as the pattern.

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Dame Nature Du Printemps Cross Stitch

Printemps from Jardin Privé

I have been working solely on this project (Dame Nature Du Printemps). I bought the kit with 32 count linen.

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