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Samplers of Seduction – A Brief Dictionary of Stitches

Samplers of Seduction – Edition 1

My box from Rebecca Devaney of Textile Tours of Paris has arrived – it came very quickly. Unlike my kit from the Royal School of Needlework, which still hasn’t arrived.

I also have the online course, A Brief Dictionary of Stitches,

Items in the box and my progress

This is a beautiful kit, with silk threads, linen, hoop, scissors and needles all from European manufacturers.

Rebecca’s teaching style is fabulous. I thought I knew how to hoop my fabric, but no and now (as you can see in the above image), I can get my hoop drum tight.

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Wonky House Project Bag

Wonky House Stitching

I bought this design from Urban Threads ages ago, but, like a lot of things, did nothing with it. On the weekend I decided to make another in the hoop zipper bag  – it was a bit of a disaster because I forgot to open the system (and therefore it was forever shut!).

I then had a bit of an epiphany  and thought ‘why don’t I do the embroidery and then make the thing using my normal sewing machine?’.

I wanted a new project bag for my knitting and decided a draw string bag would be ideal.

Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on making draw string bags – super easy and quick.

I have used linen for the bag, which makes for a nice finished product, but the fraying was extreme.

I stitched the embroidery by hooping a tear away stabiliser and floating the linen on top (picking the stabiliser out was a complete pain in the butt – there must be a better way). My machine has a basting function, which stitches the linen to the stabiliser and holds it in place for the embroidery.

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Images from 'Royal School of Needlework - Embroidery Techniques'

Images from ‘Royal School of Needlework – Embroidery Techniques’

I really like textiles and embroidery. I like the look of embroidery and the stories behind the creation of embroidery, but I am too lazy/impatient to do hand embroidery. I do like machine embroidery – both free motion and the digitised version – what I would really like to do is create embroidery that looks like it has been done by hand using my embroidery machine. To this end, I have been trying to improve my digitising. I made this blackwork sampler and now I am trying to learn silk shading. I am discovering a few tips and tricks with my software (which is Embird) and like anything I just need to practise.

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