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Finished Pair of Socks

Finished socks!

I knitted these in one long tube, from cuff to cuff, cut the tube in half, added toes and after-thought heels. From this book …

I thought I would give a new method a try, but it’s not my favourite method. I think I will revert back to one at a time with a heel flap and gusset.

I used Heart & Soul yarn from Sirdar in shade 0050 and my usual knit pro zings (2.25mm)

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Scout Shawl


I have been working on my Scout Shawl, I think I have started it about 7 times, but I am on my way now.

I’m about halfway through section 1. And I am catching the second colour every third stitch.

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Finished my Alex’s Blanket

Alex’s Blanket

I finished my version of Alex’s blanket last night. There are a few errors, but I pushed on rather than ripping back.

Here’s the first mention of the blanket -I started in August, so I was reasonably quick with this one.

Next up, I am going to knit a swatch for my Nutcracker socks – and while I am waiting for Christmas Eve/Day I will work on my cashmere socks.

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New Sock Project

I was away last week (here) and I wanted an easily transportable project. I started a new sock (the colour above is wrong it’s more mauve).

The cuff is a twisted stitch pattern called Candle Flame and I shall do the leg and foot in stocking stitch – maybe a slightly more interesting heel.

The yarn is from The Wool Barn – it’s their cashmere sock in Misty Mauve colour way.

I am using my usual 2.75 mm needles.

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Alex’s Blanket Progress

Alex’s Blanket Progress

In the evenings, while watching TV, I work on this blanket. I am about half way through. I bought it as a kit from Crossways Wool and Fabrics.

I think the Bailey blanket pattern looks good too, but I need to finish this one first

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Blanket Update

Blanket Progress

I am now working on the borders of the blanket – if it was a marathon I would be in the last two kilometres.

I am watching Stephanie Pearl Mcphee’s patreon and I used her tip for stopping the last cast off stitch being a bit dodgy.

I am so keen to get back to knitting socks! I bought 52 Weeks of Socks Volume 2 last week (I already have volume 1).

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Blanket Progress

Progress on the blanket

I have been working on the blanket – the struggle is real. In the photo above I am adding stitches to start the penultimate rectangle, and then it’s borders. I have given myself a six month extension, which means I have nine months to get it finished.

The pattern is the Modern Daily Knitting Log Cabin Moderne, but I went off piste shall we say and now I am just making it up as I go along (to quote Strictly Ballroom, I am dancing my own steps at the pan pacs).

My slow stitching class starts again on Friday and like a naughty (or slack) school student I haven’t done any work on my piece, there’s still a couple of days, but I am unlikely to get much done.

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Covid Project

Maria Doll

I have Covid (as does Miss P and Miss A), so we are all locked-down for 7 days. I haven’t felt too bad, and now I just feel very tired.

I decided I needed a Covid project, but it had to be something I already had because I can’t leave the house (and anything I ordered online would take a while to arrive).

Mr H suggested one of the kits that came with a magazine I bought in Bussleton (I think it was a Simply Knitting magazine).

So I have been working on a Maria doll. It’s knit flat and then seamed, so that will be a test for me. I have her head, arms and clothes to go. My plan is to knit everything, block everything and then seam everything.

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Finished Object – Socks

Finished Socks

I finished my Christmas socks! They’re short socks for wearing in summer (it was 39 degrees yesterday!).

The yarn is from Daffodil Road – in the Poinsettia colour-way.

I used my usual needles (Knit Pro Zings – I really like these needles)

The sock is just a rib, heel flap and gusset and a foot. I used Kate Atherley’s toe construction.

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Update – Mid Jan 2022

From Left to Right – Log Moderne Blanket, Christmas Sock, Halloween Cat Cross Stitch

I have been working on a few of my projects. Miss P’s blanket is progressing (slowly), I switched to Knit Pro Zing needles and it has been much nicer.

I am on to the second sock of my Christmas socks, turned the heel, so now it’s just the gusset, the foot and the toe (I am maybe a third of the way through)

And finally my Halloween Cat cross stitch is very close to being finished – I just need to finish off the last cat and do the back stitching (there’s not much of that – whiskers and mouth).

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