New Sewing Machine

Janome MC500e

Janome MC500e

I bought myself a new sewing machine (that’s the photo from the Janome site…). It’s a Janome MC 500e. I had hoop envy – the biggest hoop on my MC 350e was 200mm by 140mm now I have 230mm by 280mm!

I want to explore two things – making an all over embroidered fabric that I can then use to make other things and constructing things in the hoop.

Zip Pouch - Made completely in the hoop

Zip Pouch – Made completely in the hoop

I made the above zip pouch thing, but it had strange construction techniques – I think I have a better way of doing it. And I think the zip needs to be a bit lower, so the top can have crisper corners.

I upgraded my Embird Studio and started digitising again.

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