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Applique Success

I’ve started stitching around the edges of my applique cushion. This one …

I’m using bobbin fill on the bottom and rayon embroidery thread on the top (Robison Anton Rayon). I’m using a blanket stitch (stitch number Mode 2 35 if you have a Janome 6600p – I’m also using the F2 foot, which makes it much easier to see what you are doing) with a length and width of 1.5mm.

I’m surprised by how easily this is all coming together – it’s not perfect by any means, but easier than I expected.

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Applique Cushion

This is destined to be a cushion cover.

It has been sitting in my ‘must get around to it’ pile for so long I can”t remember even buying it, but I am determined that this is the year to complete projects and declutter the craft stash. The design is from here and the fabric is bits and pieces from my stash.

Using Vliesofix to hold the applique pieces in place made everything much easier – of course I still have to stitch around each piece, but at least I don’t have to worry about the pieces falling off or slipping around. Just need to remember draw the shapes on the smooth side and iron the rough side to the wrong side of the fabric – I had at least one gooey iron incident when I ironed the wrong side.

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