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Cinnamon Stars Progress

Cinnamon Stars (by Plum Street Samplers) progress

This is my year of finishes. I want to finish projects that I have started. Like my Cinnamon Stars project. This is what I work on at home, at my two stitching groups, I have been working on my Gingerbread House. It’s looking a bit ramshackle because I have sewn it altogether yet.

Below is my previous progress photo – I have now finished the top half and just have to work on the bottom left and right.

I think I finally have a set-up that works well. My Lowery frame, magnifier and working at a table.

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Project Update

I have been working on some of my projects.

  • Gingerbread House (Top Left) – I have almost finished one section of the roof and then its just the other roof section. I am only working on this at my stitching group, so it’s months from completion.
  • Cinnamon Stars (Top right) – I have worked on this for a few hours this week. While watching the movie version of Brideshead Revisited and a new SBS series Vigil. I was watching Vonna’s floss tube yesterday and she mentioned that she only ever uses size 22 needles (regardless of the linen count), so I thought I would give that a go.
  • I have joined A Bee in the Bonnet’s Golden Honey Sock club, so the yarn (bottom left) is for the first pattern. I have since made it into a ball and started knitting the swatch.
  • More progress on covering the joins of Miss A’s quilt. It’s physical hard to man-handle the quilt through the machine.

There will be no new projects until some of these are finished.

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Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House Progress

I haven’t been able to work on my quilt because Miss P is using the sewing machine to make a ball dress (purple satin!). So it’s back to the cross stitch.

I have almost finished another side, just the back stitching left, and then it’s onto the two roof pieces.

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Gingerbread House Cross Stitch

The bottom and back of my Gingerbread House

I started working on this house late last year to use as a model for my girls, but soon realised it was going to take a long time and that they wouldn’t have the patience to finish it. I wondered if even I had the patience (dedication) to finish it, but when I added the back stitch the design popped and now I feel quite motivated (I doubt it will be finished this year).

The design is from the 2016 Family Circle Christmas Special – you might still be able to find the pattern here.

I bought the plastic canvas from Spotlight and I am using 6 strands of DMC floss, 2 for the backstitching.

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