Selvedge – the Decorative Issue

Cover of the Decorative Issue

I love this magazine, but I rarely buy it for a few reasons: by the time it gets to Australia it is expensive (plus it is hard to find) and I am not always taken with every article (it costs a lot I need to read every word). However, this issue is perfect. There are articles on sequins, costumes, Opus Anglicanum and embroidery in literature and what that means (combination of two of my loves reading and embroidery).

Cosprop Costumes


Alice Archer – she is a embroiderer (machine) and fashion designer

There is a profile on Alice Archer (here is another article) – check out this skirt…

And I want to visit this store (I need to go back to London – an entire store devoted to ribbons!)…

VV Rouleaux

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