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Working on the quilt

Quilt progress

I am determined to get this quilt finished. So determined, I am not working on anything else. I started in 2013 and now I just want it finished. I have joined all of the blocks, and now I am covering the joins with bias binding. At first I planned to make the strips, but in the end I bought it (50m of the stuff), but I think it saved me a bit of time.

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We’ve been struck down by what felt like the plague, but was just gastro. The whole house was sick for a week – we just resurfacing now.

I did manage to knit a bit more (while sitting on the couch with sick children) while watching ABC3 – I’ve seen a lot of ABC3 in the last week.

I’ve returned to my baby clothes quilt – still cutting, but the end is in sight…

Also, Jane Austen Knits is out.

I think I will have a go at some of the socks.

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New Quilt Design

I’m going to make Miss A a quilt using three fabrics (from my stash) – it is going to consist of big plus signs.

I’m still working on the baby clothes quilt (I cut a few more squares everyday) and the knitting project (I’m about to start knitting the lace pattern), but they are both such big slow-moving projects I wanted something else as well.

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Dino Quilt is Finished

I finished my Dino Quilt. Above is the front and below is the back.

I free-motion quilted it using a stippling pattern. I found this to be quite tricky simply because of the size of the quilt, but in the end I’m pleased with the results. As always, I could do with more practice.

I tried a new binding technique. I remembered what happened last time and followed my own advice. I cut the binding strips 2 inches wide, attached them to the back first and then machine sewed them to the front.

Still not completely perfect, but I am happy with the results.

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Pinning, Pinning, Pinning

I’ve been pinning this quilt – took ages and I jabbed myself with pins more times than I care to remember. And in the end I didn’t make the backing big enough and I need to add another strip.

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Quilt Top Finished

The quilt top is finished.

It measure 44″ by 24″ – should be a good lap quilt size.

Nothing much is going to happen the next few days – I am just going to try to escape the heat!

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Quilt Progress

I’ve begun the new quilt.

It has been crazy hot here for the last few days and Miss A has an ear infection, which has ruled out swimming. As you can imagine that has made for a pretty tricky week – there has been movies and shopping (both air conditioned) and play-dates, but finally today she was allowed back into the pool.

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A New Quilt Design

I’ve got a few projects on the go, but I am waiting for supplies. This quilt needs wadding, but I don’t want to take Miss A and P to the fabric store – too much nice stuff that they want and it always ends badly, and then this cushion for Miss P needs vliesofix, which I have ordered online.

So while waiting for these supplies I have designed another quilt.

It is going to consist of 12 blocks each 10 inch square. The two edge strips will be white (and will work like sashing). I’ve been inspired by the Fenced In quilt in The Practical Guide to Patchwork (By Elizabeth Hartman). The remaining four pieces will be one of six fat quarters (in the image above).

My plan is  to rotate alternate blocks by 90 degrees (as happens in the Fenced In quilt).


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Dino Quilt Backing


I made this backing for the dinosaur quilt. All the fabric is from my stash.

I thought Miss P might not be so keen on dinosaurs when she is a bit older. So now she can flip the quilt over and have a more grown up side.

I still have to pin it and quilt it, but I don’t have enough wadding and a trip to the fabric store with two girls is very unappealing, so I will wait until school goes back.

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Mod 9 Quilt Top

I’ve sewn the blocks of my ‘Mod 9‘ quilt together (yes, it is hanging on my clothes line). I plan to add a white border. I’m happy with how this has come together – all of my seams are aligned (very unusual).


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