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Yarn Acquisition

New Sock Yarn!

I read about cashmere, merino, nylon sock yarn and so, of course, had to get some. I bought them from ZigoZago, a shop in country Victoria (the service was fabulous and my yarn arrived within days!).

The one on the top in the image is Dream in Colour Smooshy Cashmere in the sonoran magic colourway, the one at the bottom is tôt le matin sock in the Jane Doe colourway (it doesn’t have any cashmere, but I loved the colour and it was the same postage for one skein or two).

I am super keen to get started on these.

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More yarn – a souvenir

More Yarn!

I have taken to buying yarn whenever we go on holiday.

I bought this one from Text and Co – a yarn and book store, what a perfect combination!

It’s Cowgirlblues Merino Twist (in the shorebreak colourway). I bought two skeins because each one is only 300m (instead of the normal 400 for socks), but I suspect I only needed one.

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Christmas Socks Finished

My christmas socks are finished

I finished my Christmas socks. The yarn is the Christmas yarn from WYS. I just did a plain sock – twisted rib cuff, eye of partridge heel flap and I used Kate Atherley’s wedge toe instructions (I like how the toe is rounded rather than pointy).

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It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Progress ...

Progress …

This is definitely a slow process… although that means I get to watch more War and Peace  and my guilty secret viewing Nashville (this is so trashy and melodramatic – love it).

I successfully completed the waist decreases and I am just onto the bust increases – I’m thinking of putting a life line in for when everything goes pear shaped.

There is a nice rhythm to this and (so far) the yarn has been angelic (except for the first ball which fell apart). I haven’t quite got to the point where I could do this out and about and keep track of the lace pattern.

The other day I succumbed to the lure of the yarn shop and bought two new sock yarns






I couldn’t really help myself …but they are beautiful.

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Knitting Night


It was knitting last night at Woolly Lattes. I worked on my scarf – I think I did about eight rows – chatted to my friend and bought more sock wool (it’s Filatura Di Crosa – Maxime Print in shade 5062).


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