Holiday – Hour Glass Block



Wadjemup Lighthouse

We’ve been away on holiday to Rottnest Island (Miss A went on camp and we just tagged along). Above is the lighthouse in the middle of the island (I love lighthouses). This photo was taken about 6:30am – I went for a run every morning and the weather was perfect.

Salt Lakes at Rottnest

This photo was taken on the way back to the settlement. We had a fabulous time Рwent to the beach, the bakery, read books and I even managed to do some knitting.

Back to crafty stuff. This is my hour glass block…

Hour Glass Block Made Using Foundation Piecing by an Embroidery Machine

Here is four of them in a cushion top …

Four Hour Glass Blocks

Some of the tack down stitching shows on the middle square. I’m tempted to just ignore it or use water soluble thread, but the best thing would be to change the design.








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