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Finally – a bit of sucess

Still going well ...

Still going well …

I’ve made it past the waist decreases and the increases back to the original number of stitches – yay!

When the waist decreases are finished the round marker is after the fourth stitch in the lace pattern, but did I pay any attention to that? No … I am such an idiot – hence it all went pear-shaped.

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Back to the start!

Back to the start!

There was a mistake in the lace before my first lifeline. Why can’t I do this? Anyway, I knew it would bother me and consequently I would never wear it, so I ripped it back. Above is the cast on and one round of knit.

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New Projects

I have two new, rather large, projects on the go. The first is a quilt made from the girls baby clothes.

This seemed like a lovely idea, but cutting the squares and rectangles is very time consuming.

The other project is this one by Amy Herzog

 I’ve cast on three times so far …

Above is the first time and you can see it’s twisted – like a mobius strip. It might all end badly.


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