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More Digitising

Lion digitised using Embird Studio

I’m still working my way through the Embird Studio tutorial – I am up to pg 674 of 786!

The above image is of a lion I digitised (one of the lessons).

In each lesson I learn something more and now I know how to add extra detail in the outline and how to make fur.

I’ve also learnt how to delete double-ups in the outlines – like this on the whale (I outlined the purple section and the blue sections and so in places there are two outlines).

Whale has a double-up outline

I’m almost ready to tackle some of my own original designs.

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Machine Embroidery – Registration Issues

Whale Stitching – density 4, pull compensation 0.1

I’ve been working on my digitising tutorials. I wanted to stitch something out and get an idea of what works on my machine. As you can see it is quite puckered and the black out line is quite off.

I reduced the density and increased the pull compensation in this one …

Density 5, pull compensation 0.3


The changes haven’t really made much difference. In my third (and final for a while) attempt I changed the angle of the fill from 90° to 80° and used the Create Outline from Fill tool.

Density 5, pull compensation 0.3, fill angle 80


The registration is still off (the outline is not exactly outlining the shapes). Things are improving, but I am not a fan of the densely stitched design, so I shall move on and come back to this later.

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I’m still working away on the Jane cardigan and I’ve decided I need to break things up and get on with some of the other half finished projects – like this quilt …

or this quilt (made from the girls’ baby clothes) …

I’ve also got a bit of digitising to do …



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