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Multi-Project Update

Project Bags and a Sock

I have been rotating through my various crafting activities; knitting, sewing/quilting and embroidery.

I decided I needed to make project bags for my various projects – the image top right is my first attempt. It is great – my Live Simply cross stitch fits inside with the chart and my box of floss. However, my A4 pages (in a plastic slip) don’t fit easily inside, so I decided the next one needs to be 2.5cm bigger in both length and width. I have started another one (top left image). Check out the fabric, it’s sheep knitting! The front and the back are quilted and it is fully lined (no raw edges).

I finished one of my after thought heel socks – this is not my favourite technique and I will revert back to normal heels for my next sock (which is going to be Winter Rose Socks – I have joined the hand made sock society and they are going to send me a new pattern bimonthly.)

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Blackwork Triangles

I have been trying to rotate through my various projects – to get the ones that were languishing on the go again.

Above is the piece I am working on at my embroidery class I only seem to have time to work on it there – I never make it back to it in my rotation. I should finish it this week and then I am going to need a new project. Various different ideas are floating around in my head, but I haven’t settled on anything yet.

I am also knitting Miss A these mitts

Meow Mitts (image from Ravelry – tinyowlknits)

this is proving to be trickier than I expected – 30 minutes yesterday to knit one row! There’s balls of yarn everywhere and I needed to learn how to capture the floats in purl. I am hoping to achieve more next time.

And then finally I am back onto this quilt


Block for my Sampler Quilt

I have gotten a bit more savvy about this quilt – I’ve cut the fabric, backing and batting for 12 blocks and I am just quilting them when I have time. I would love to get this finished because it has been going for a long time.

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Progress on the Sampler Quilt

Just keep quilting, quilting, quilting ...

Just keep quilting, quilting, quilting …

I got my sewing machine out to zig-zag around some canvas (for my embroidery class) and thought I should make the most of the easy access and work on the sampler quilt.

I started to think about work flow and the best way of tackling things – at the moment I am cutting each piece of batting as I need it (same with the backing fabric). Should I cut everything at once? What is the best plan?

In a bit of a win I found the note I wrote myself about the sewing machine settings!

I must say this quilting as you go thing is working well – so far at least. I guess the joining together of the blocks might prove to be the stumbling block.


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Sampler Quilt

Another block is quilted

Another block is quilted

I am back to trying to finish my sampler quilt. I am trying to spend a bit of time on each of my three main crafts – knitting, canvas work and this.

I discovered today (in the manual) that my sewing maching has a setting for free motion quilting – how good is that? And it worked well.

I have never tried ‘quilt as you go‘ before and I am interested to see how it comes together. It has definitely been easier to pin the quilt sandwich together and to quilt the squares.

I have been thinking about my goals for next year and the big one is to finish my ongoing projects – this quilt was started in May of 2013! The other goal is ‘no more craft supplies!’ – always hard.


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Sampler Quilt – Courthouse Steps Block

Courthouse Steps Block

Courthouse Steps Block

I finished the four blocks that make one courthouse steps block. As I want this quilt finished, I’m trying to do a little often.

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Golden Wedding Ring Quilt Block Digitised

SewWitty's Golden Wedding Ring Block

SewWitty’s Golden Wedding Ring Block

This is another block that is only 1/4 of the final block. Check out a whole one here. It came together quite easily – I’m starting to feel more confident using Embird. As you can see in the image, I had a bit of difficulty cutting my pieces big enough, but this is just a practice run to determine whether my digitised design is OK.

I think I now have eight blocks: Log Cabin, Pineapple, Flying Geese, Courthouse Steps, Snail Trail, Iowa Star, Golden Wedding Ring, Hour Glass. My plan was to make 12 blocks for my sampler quilt, so only four more to go. Although at some stage I changed my template, so I need to double check the earlier blocks.

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Quilts 1700 – 2010 Redux

Quilts 1700-2010 Hidden Histories, Untold Stories

Quilts 1700-2010 Hidden Histories, Untold Stories

I know I have written about this book before, but I have finally finished reading it. This book is a textile lover’s dream – the illustrations are beautiful and it is full of fascinating information. It is not the type of book to read all at once, but just dip into every now and then (even to just look at the pictures and be awed by the skill, patience and dedication of the maker).

The book consists of four chapters; Making and using quilts in eighteenth century Britain, Complexity and context:nineteenth century British quilts, Maintaining the craft:British quilt-making 1900-45 and Negotiating space:fabric and the feminine 1945-2010.

Here are some of my favourites …

Unfinished Patchwork of Silks, c1860-70

Unfinished Patchwork of Silks, c 1860-70


Pieced Wool, c 1863-77


‘Sanderson Star’ quilt in cotton sateens,            c 1910-1920


Sara Impey, ‘Punctuation’. Machine stitched Silk,     c 2009


Janey Forgan, ‘Liberty Jack’, c 2008


Coverlet, patchwork of printed cottons,                c 1803-1805

As I love liberty fabrics, Liberty Jack is probably my favourite, but Sara Impey’s Punctuation is brilliant to, and then the amount of work involved in the earlier quilts is mind-boggling.

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Pineapple Quilt Block

Pineapple Block being digitised

Pineapple Block being digitised

I’ve started work on the Pineapple Block and it has proven to be a little bit tricky, but on the plus side I’ve learnt a few things about Embird.

This little magic tool

Transformation Tool in Embird Studio

Transformation Tool in Embird Studio

allows you to specify the length and width (exactly) of objects – no more using the grid to create the right size.

And you can use Guide Lines to split objects that is how I chopped the top off the outer most triangles.

Using Guide Lines

Using Guide Lines

That way I just created one triangle and copy, pasted and rotated as required – much more accurate.

My one concern is the non-straight seams and how easy they will be to stitch and flip.

Is this going to be too tricky?

Is this going to be too tricky?

I have another design in mind that only has straight seams it might  be worth changing now before I have committed too much time.

On a completely different note, it is Australia Day and my pavlova is cooling in the oven. I think I am prepared.

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Courthouse Steps Quilt Block

Courthouse Steps Version 1

Courthouse Steps Version 1

This is the first attempt at the Courthouse Steps block. One of the seams isn’t quite right and I think I can fit another step in on the flowery steps.

It came together easily, so easily I might try a Pineapple Quilt Block next (like one of the ones below) …

Pineapple Quilt Block from

Pineapple Quilt Block from

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Snail Trail is Moving at a Snail’s Pace

Snail Trail in Progress - Pieced in the hoop using an embroidery machine

Snail Trail in Progress – Pieced in the hoop using an embroidery machine

I’m back onto foundation piecing using my embroidery machine, but it is progressing very slowly. It usually takes about half an hour to make one block, but today I started at 9:30 am and it is now 1pm and I’m only half way through – we did walk to the library (and booked into some school holiday activities) and buy groceries. My plan of getting two blocks finished today might be unreachable.

My aim is to make 12 traditional blocks (each one consisting of 4 smaller blocks) and then to make a sampler quilt. So far I have Hour Glass, Flying Geese and Snail Trail. I have also made a log cabin block, but it might not be the standard size (must remember to check that). Next up is Courthouse steps (just a fancy Log Cabin).

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