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Finished Item

Scout T-Shirt

I bought this pattern way back in 2016 and finally got started about a year ago, and today I finally finished it.

It’s the Scout T- Shirt from Grainline Studio. The instructions are great, I would definitely recommend this pattern.

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New Cushion











I went to the Upmarket on sunday. I do like it, but it has become so busy that it is beginning to be a bit unpleasant.  I bought fabric from Old Grey House. I was determined to use this fabric quickly (I’ve bought fabric from them before, which is still in my stash!). I made a cushion – pretty simple.

I made the cushion cover 17 inches (and I used an 18 inch cushion insert). I read somewhere that the cover should be smaller than the insert.

Putting the zip in was a bit tricky (haven’t done that in a while), but I saw a tutorial on you tube  (I can’t find the link now) where the sewist used painters tape to hold the zip in place and then stitched from the front – definitely going to try that next time.

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Fete Apron

It’s a ‘fete year’ at my girls’ school (they happen every three years). We’ve all been asked to make an apron for the craft stall (that’s mine above). I have to say it’s very fiddly – not hard, but time consuming. I’ve spent four hours on it already! I’m determined to get this thing finished before I move onto something else – which means nothing fun is happening (and I need some fun it’s been a hard couple of weeks – sickness, plumping issues (sewage in the garden), leaky roof that was meant to have been fixed.

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Sewing A Dress!

Miss A was asked to a ’70s party (she had to dress up in ‘olden day’ clothes). Anyway I decided to make her a dress using a psychedelic 70s type print. I picked the above pattern (Burda 9544).

It’s been so long since I made any clothes that it took me two attempts to get the zip in and there is something funny about the shoulder seams, but I was really happy with how it turned out.

Miss P now wants the same dress but in a dinosaur fabric.

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Mod 9 Quilt

I’ve continued working on this quilt. I’ve sewn the squares into strips and now I’m sewing the strips into blocks.

To get the effect I want, accuracy is vital. So when I sew the strips together, I ensure the seams for each square are lined up and I press the seam allowance from one strip one way and on the second strip the opposite way.

It’s probably clearer in the second image.

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Advent Calendar

I’ve decided to make an Advent Calendar – just to put myself under a bit more pressure. I got the idea from here, but it’s developed a mind of it’s own.

Each pocket will have a number embroidered on it. I haven’t quite decided on the position of the pockets yet – the one above is just placed on the quilt.

I’m going to sew buttons onto the tree from which we can hang ornaments (they’ll be stored in the pockets).

The ornaments are going to like this …

The number is on the back of the ornament. There will also be a star, tree and stocking (so six of each type).

I still have all of the pockets and the ornaments to sew as well as quilting the base. So lots to do and not much time.

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Mod 9 Quilt Progress

I’ve been sewing the rows together …

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I found a tutorial and pattern for a Notebook-Pencil-Holder at One Red Robin and thought I would attempt one to see if it would work as a christmas present for my girls.

The tutorial is excellent – heaps of photos and easy to follow instructions.

I used an ‘iron on’ batting instead of interfacing because that is what I had on hand. It does make it a bit puffy and a bit tricky to sew around the edges. I will use interfacing next time. The fabric is from Amy Butler’s Charm range (I’m not sure if this fabric is available anymore).

The edges look very wobbly in the photo – it doesn’t look as bad in real life.

I found using a walking foot when sewing the pockets made things work a bit better – eliminated all of the puckers. I also used a top stitch needle.

I could only fit nine pencils in mine rather than ten, so I shall alter the measurements to make it wider. Plus I think it’s a bit tall for my book/pencils, so I shall make it a bit smaller and I shall place the ribbon ties in the middle.

So here are my measurements for next time:

Cover and Lining: 42cm by 25cm
Pocket: 42cm by 18cm.

I was surprised at how easy it was to make one of these. Definitely worth a go if you’re considering it.

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