Modular 9 Quilt

This is the current plan for my next quilt…

Each of the squares is 3 inches. The quilt is four identical blocks (see below). Each block is rotated 90 degrees from the previous block.

I spent a bit of time today scanning the fabric and using PC Quilt to see how it would all come together. I wouldn’t recommend this software – I seem to have all sorts of problems with it. This time my block was too big so I had to divide it into 4 smaller blocks.

Why have I called it a Modular 9 Quilt? Because I used the mod 9 addition table (see below – click to see a bigger version) to decide on fabric placement.

I allocated each fabric a number and then used the table to determine the placement. You don’t have to use 9 – I just had 9 fabrics. Also, you could use multiplication instead of arithmetic. You don’t even have to use squares. Check Modular Art for more information.


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