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More yarn – a souvenir

More Yarn!

I have taken to buying yarn whenever we go on holiday.

I bought this one from Text and Co – a yarn and book store, what a perfect combination!

It’s Cowgirlblues Merino Twist (in the shorebreak colourway). I bought two skeins because each one is only 300m (instead of the normal 400 for socks), but I suspect I only needed one.

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It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Progress ...

Progress …

This is definitely a slow process… although that means I get to watch more War and Peace  and my guilty secret viewing Nashville (this is so trashy and melodramatic – love it).

I successfully completed the waist decreases and I am just onto the bust increases – I’m thinking of putting a life line in for when everything goes pear shaped.

There is a nice rhythm to this and (so far) the yarn has been angelic (except for the first ball which fell apart). I haven’t quite got to the point where I could do this out and about and keep track of the lace pattern.

The other day I succumbed to the lure of the yarn shop and bought two new sock yarns






I couldn’t really help myself …but they are beautiful.

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Addition to the Stash

So when I should have been doing this …

Blue Jean Wrap

Blue Jean Wrap

I was buying this …

Misti Alpaca - Tilt a Whril

Misti Alpaca – Tilt a Whril

The blue jean wrap is coming together quite nicely – an easy to remember lace repeat, but it is always fun to buy new yarn.

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Ravelry Yarn Stash

I store my yarn in various different places around the house and I decided it was time to get organised.

I spent a bit of time on the weekend taking photos of my stash and uploading it to Ravelry.

Some of the yarn I had forgotten I had! Like this …

Forgotten Yarn

Forgotten Yarn

I have two skeins so I can make socks.

What I think I will find the most useful is the Needle & Hook chart. I am forever buying new needles just in case, but now I shall be able to refer to my Ravelry page and see whether I have the correct needle size already.

Now I just need to do some knitting.

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More Purchases

My camera has gone on holiday so I can’t take any images – sorry.

Today I went to Spotlight and used my gift voucher (thanks Mum and Dad). I bought one of those bobbin winder things – it looks like this one here. Plus I bought more wool (I plan on making a blanket). It’s this stuff – in colour 4603. Plus a really long 5mm circular needle (I’m working on the theory that a blanket will have lots of stitches).

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