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Wrap Blocking

Wrap Blocking

I finished! It is my  blue jean wrap.

This was a lovely pattern – easy to remember and quite relaxing. I used a Jo Sharp Aran cotton (I don’t knot the colour – it was unlabelled).

Now I plan on knitting socks – pattern yet to be decided.

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A Work in Progress – Denim Wrap


Sewwitty’s Blue Jean Wrap

So every  now and then I have been working on my Blue Jean Wrap – It has an easy to remember 12 stitch repeat lace pattern. I have found it to be the perfect pattern to work on late in the evening (when my brain has stopped working.

I am using an Aran Cotton from Jo Sharp, which has been surprisingly easy to use – I had all sorts of trouble when I used this yarn for a cardigan for Miss P.


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Addition to the Stash

So when I should have been doing this …

Blue Jean Wrap

Blue Jean Wrap

I was buying this …

Misti Alpaca - Tilt a Whril

Misti Alpaca – Tilt a Whril

The blue jean wrap is coming together quite nicely – an easy to remember lace repeat, but it is always fun to buy new yarn.

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