Blanket Progress

Alex’s Blanket Progress

I work on this while watching television (I just finished the fourth season of All Creatures Great and Small – there is some lovely knit wear in it).

I have two more repeats to go before I finish of the top border – there are a few places we I have gone a bit weird, but I think that just adds to the charm.

The blanket is a kit from Crossways Wool and Fabrics.

Yesterday, I went through my yarn stash checking to make sure there weren’t any critters (there wasn’t), I did do a bit of an inventory and I have 51 skeins of sock yarn!

Sock yarn pile of shame

I buy sock yarn for all sorts of reasons; it’s pretty, you only need 1 skein to make a pair of socks (I don’t know how much yarn I would need for a jumper), souvenir yarn, feeling happy yarn, feeling sad yarn, etc, but I really must stop buying it (because I want to knit other things as well).

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