Canvas Work


Pin Cushion and a reference


Back of my pin cushion


Canvas Work Pin Cushion

Front of my pin cushion

I have started a Canvas Work course here – this is a very lovely place I encourage you all to do something there.

Our first project was to create a pin cushion or needle book – as you can see, I chose the pin cushion.

We had amazing instructions and I managed to get most of it finished at home – the folding the square and stitching it up is magic. I’m finding it extremely addictive and quite therapeutic – there is a meditative quality to it.

My next project is a sampler. I have been busy checking out pinterest for a colour palette and thinking about layout and stitch types. Hence the purchase of the book in the above photos – I needed some kind of stitch dictionary (I did look for an online source, but I couldn’t really find what I was looking for).



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