A Sock! – Such a Sense of Achievement

A Finished Sock!

A Finished Sock!

I finished a sock (just the one). This is the first thing I have finished since the pin cushion in February (and given that it is only one sock and I have two feet how finished is it really?). However, I do feel quite pleased with myself for finishing something.

I have taken on too much this year – had a real need to justify my existence by filling all of my time with ‘worthy’ work. I just became tired and grumpy, so now my goal is to do more nothing – more pottering and just being.

As I was working on this sock, I was a bit concerned about how it was all coming together (and I am pretty sure I stuffed up picking up the heel stitches – at least on one side), but when it was finished and I tried it on it was pretty good. I’ve cast on the second sock …


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