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Quilt Progress

School’s back – both Miss A and Miss P seem happy with their new teachers and classes.

The image above (I don’t want to reveal the whole thing just yet…) is a quilt I’m working on. The fabric is from Materalise – I just bought fat quarter packs.

Can I just say starching the fabric makes everything much easier – the cutting, the sewing and the quilting.

I’ve been doing a bit of blog house keeping, updated the blogroll and changed a few settings (in particular I changed to my local time so it won’t look like I’m posting in the middle of the night!).

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Advent Calendar

I’ve decided to make an Advent Calendar – just to put myself under a bit more pressure. I got the idea from here, but it’s developed a mind of it’s own.

Each pocket will have a number embroidered on it. I haven’t quite decided on the position of the pockets yet – the one above is just placed on the quilt.

I’m going to sew buttons onto the tree from which we can hang ornaments (they’ll be stored in the pockets).

The ornaments are going to like this …

The number is on the back of the ornament. There will also be a star, tree and stocking (so six of each type).

I still have all of the pockets and the ornaments to sew as well as quilting the base. So lots to do and not much time.

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Yet More Fabric


I can’t seem to help myself – I’ve bought more fabric! I went here for coffee, which is right next door to here. I couldn’t resist buying some fabric (I had already resisted yarn!).

I bought nine fat quarters and I have plans for them (more of that in a different post). However, it will have to wait until I’ve done something with my Japanese Fabric.

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More Fabric

Japanese Fabric

My camera went on holiday to Japan (it did a bit of skiing), anyway it bought me back some fabric – Japanese patchwork fabric from the Tokyo National Museum.

I’m still contemplating what to do with it – at this stage I’m thinking about a Disappearing Nine Patch


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Nursery Rhyme Fabric Stash


I have accumulated a large amount of Nursery Rhyme/Childrens fabric. I purchased quite a bit thinking I would use it in my T-Shirt business, but I’ve learnt a few things along the way. First, I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again and secondly, the embroidery doesn’t show up very well on busy prints.

I’m thinking about using these fabrics in a simple square quilt.

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More Fabric

After reading about the fabric purchasing trip of Patchy Work of Mini Grey I though I too should take a trip to Textile Traders. Here is what I bought …

New Fabric

Some of it I bought just because I liked it – so no plans yet. The two fabrics on the right end I thought might be useful for quilt backs – they’re quite busy, so it would hide my somewhat dodgy quilting.

The floral on the left I love. A lot. I’m thinking about doing some kind of disappearing nine patch using the plains as well.

My sewing machine saga continues. I think its poor brain is fried. I’m going to take it back to the dealer tomorrow.

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I had my market stall today. My brain is too full to make a decision about whether it was a worthwhile endeavour or not. More on that in another post.

I’ve discovered! I’ve put three yards of fabric.

Green Floral Fabric

Browndotty fabric

Heart Fabric

I shall use the brown dotty fabric and the pink hearts in my business ( but the green floral will be used in quilting. Even taking postage into account it is till cheaper to buy my fabric form than from my local store.

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I’ve been trying to find a cheap source of Calico. I use Calico to stabilise my embroideries. I have bought a roll of it from Spotlightbefore, but my closest Spotlight has closed down, so I’ve been trying to source another supplier. Part of my ‘research’ involves visiting fabric stores.

Last week my two year old and I went on an excursion. We visited a toy store (for her) and Textile Traders (for me). Now I’ve always had quite a low opinion of Textile Traders. Not really sure why, but I thought the fabric was cheap and nasty. However, this time I found some lovely Modafabric – part of the Three Sisters range and it was cheap. Similar fabric at my favourite fabric store (Calico and Ivy) is three times more expensive, so of course I had to have some. I wasn’t sure how much I would need, but I thought 3 metres would be enough for any project.


The red fabric (second from the bottom) is quite christmassy, but I thought in small amounts the christmas feel won’t be noticeable and besides I loved it.

My current plan (which of course may change) is to make a Log Cabin quilt out of it. I haven’t thought how to arrange the fabric, but I’m sure something will occur to me soon.

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