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I'm a stay at home mum with two children living in Perth (Australia). I have a small business making personalised childrens T-Shirts and I'm planning on expanding into the machine embroidery market. I plan to write about my various sewing exploits in this blog.

Moderne Log Cabin

Moderne Log Cabin

Progress is slow, but steady on my Moderne Log Cabin.

I have finished watching Schitt’s Creek and both seasons of Derry Girls and am now watching Dickinson.

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More yarn – a souvenir

More Yarn!

I have taken to buying yarn whenever we go on holiday.

I bought this one from Text and Co – a yarn and book store, what a perfect combination!

It’s Cowgirlblues Merino Twist (in the shorebreak colourway). I bought two skeins because each one is only 300m (instead of the normal 400 for socks), but I suspect I only needed one.

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Moderne Log Cabin

Moderne Log Cabin

I have been (unusually) a monogamous knitter. I started working on this blanket in early December and apart from a brief flirtation with my November sock (while I was on Rottnest Island) I have knitted only this.

This is all garter stitch and it is easy to get into a lovely rhythm and just want to do ‘one more row’.

I have been watching television series

  • Bridgerton – is anyone else watching this? It is beautiful. I read The Duke and I in preparation, but I need to read the other seven novels in the series.
  • Schitt’s Creek – I love this. I am up to series 5.

I have also been listening to podcasts. My current favourite is Cast On by Brenda Dayne. She has a lovely voice. Her podcast is about all sorts of creative endeavours.

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Moderne Log Cabin Blanket

Progress on my log cabin blanket

I wanted to make something that my girls could keep to remember me by if the worse happens. I decided on the Moderne Log Cabin from the Mason Dixon knitting book. I am using shades of blue and cream from Bendigo Woollen Mills – it is the classic 8ply (I wanted something that could be machine washed).

I am using 4mm needles (an addi circular one).

I picked the stitches up on the edge using the Yarn Harlot’s tutorial – I did knit into the back of each stitch once I had picked them all up.

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Halloween Cat Update

Progress on Halloween Cat Cross Stitch

I have bought a new table clamp (the Elbesee Versatile Table Clamp – from here).

I like it. It means I can work two-handed and have it at the height and angle I want. I can also attach my magnifying glass (it pegs on) and because the hoop is stable, I know longer get nauseous.

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November Sock Progress

November Sock Knitting Progress

My sock is progressing. There is a 1×1 twisted rib and now I am using the leg pattern from Helen Stewart’s Vapour socks.

Yarn is from Louie and Lola and is Merino, Silk and Yak in the dusty rose colour way. I’m using 2.25mm needles.

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November Socks are Started

November Sock

I have started my November socks. This yarn is beautiful. It is a merino, silk and yak mix from Louie and Lola yarns in the Dusty Rose colourway.

I am doing a 1×1 twisted rib and then I am going to use the pattern from Helen Stewart’s Vapour Socks (it was part of her Handmade Sock Society 3 – I have purchased all three of her sock societies).

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October Socks Are Finished

October Socks are finished

I finished my October socks yesterday (31st of October), just in the nick of time. The yarn is a malabrigo, but I cant remember the colour-way.

I used my standard sock recipe (top down and a heel flap and gusset). The pattern on the leg and foot I found in a Japanese stitch dictionary (See this post).

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One October Sock Finished

October Sock Finished

I have finished one of my October Socks – and on the second I have started on the leg (it’s top down, so I have a long way to go!).

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Jumping on the Crochet Bandwagon

My crochet wash cloth

A lot of people in my knitting group have taken up crochet, so I decided I should too. I have a book, Erica Knight’s one, and I am attempting the easiest pattern.

I do like how easy it is to undo crochet and have another go. This yarn is cotton and it’s a bit splitty, which is not good for a beginner. It’s all double crochet, but at least I get to be proficient at this stitch.

The yarn is Abbey Road Kung Fu Cotton from Spotlight.

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