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Hand Embroidery 2

Hand Sampler

I have finished the first of my samplers, this is the flat stitches.

From top to bottom

  • running stitch
  • back stitch
  • whipped running stitch
  • split stitch
  • stem stitch
  • fern stitch

I have started the next sampler

Transferring the pattern

This one is the looped stitches, I’m currently working on chain stitch.

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Finished Sampler – An Enormous Sense of Achievement (even smugness)

Finished Sampler - Not the best picture

Finished Sampler – Not the best picture!

I finished this last week at my embroidery class – it was such a mammoth effort, blood, sweat and tears (literally in the case of the blood!).

I am so pleased that I finished it, but not all that taken with the final result. Having said that, this was always going to be about the journey. Slowing down and finding the quiet rhythm of needle through fabric. I will frame it and hang it on the wall as a reminder of slow pleasures and that a lot can be achieved by doing a little every week.

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Canvas Work 4 – Sampler

Canvas Work Sampler

Canvas Work Sampler

I have finished the rectangle of the sampler – it still needs a border, but I am thrilled to have finished the inside!

This was worked on 14 count canvas – which meant 9 strands of embroidery thread (I used DMC floss)! I’m definitely moving onto a smaller count next time.

Each ’tile’ is a different type of stitch. In some cases the compensation at the edges drove me mad!


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Cross Stitch the Old Fashioned Way

I’ve dug out a birth sampler I started 7 years ago and not finished. I’m about halfway through and I find the very slowness of it quite relaxing and meditative.

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