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Finished Socks

After the marathon that was Miss A’s blanket, I finally finished something else – socks!

It’s a plain vanilla sock – cuff down. The yarn is from Louie and Lola – I am not sure how well it will hold up, but it is beautiful.

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Heartgyle Socks

Progress on Heartgyle Socks

I have started knitting the Heartgyle socks from Boost Your Knitting – the intarsia heart is going well, but the getting it to work in the round is not going so well (see below)

Back of Heartgyle sock

You can see where I have been doing the yarn overs and the turn. The instructions do say

You will see that the turn between right side and wrong side creates a small ridge in the work but it is not hugely obvious.

And they have an image and it’s true on their sock it isn’t very obvious. I can see that my later turns are better – more discreet if you like, but now I need to decide if I rip it back and start again. I am leaning towards ripping back.

There are some great tutorials on how to do this on You Tube – here.

I think the method is good it’s just my execution.

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Socks are Finished

I finally finished these socks.  I started them for the Winter Olympics, but it all went horribly wrong, and then I was distracted by other projects.

I can’t say that I’m that pleased with them – for one thing they’re different and they’re a bit saggy.

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