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Update – Mid Jan 2022

From Left to Right – Log Moderne Blanket, Christmas Sock, Halloween Cat Cross Stitch

I have been working on a few of my projects. Miss P’s blanket is progressing (slowly), I switched to Knit Pro Zing needles and it has been much nicer.

I am on to the second sock of my Christmas socks, turned the heel, so now it’s just the gusset, the foot and the toe (I am maybe a third of the way through)

And finally my Halloween Cat cross stitch is very close to being finished – I just need to finish off the last cat and do the back stitching (there’s not much of that – whiskers and mouth).

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Log Cabin Moderne is Finished

Finished Log Cabin

A year in the making I finally finished my Log Cabin Moderne Blanket for Miss A.

It’s double bed size.

I finished it on the 31st Of October 2021 – started in November 2020

Miss P wants the same, but in purple. I have ordered the yarn, but the white is on back order at Bendigo. The other colours have been sent, but haven’t arrived yet. Once they arrive, I will think about re-jigging the colour scheme.

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Log Cabin Blanket

Log Cabin Blanket Progress

I am working on the borders. I started with a long side. I am going to run out of yarn though, so I have ordered another ball. The dye lot will be different, so I thought I would do the two shorter sides in the new yarn and if there is an obvious difference it might look planned.

The yarn company (Bendigo Woollen Mills) is super busy (all those people knitting in lock down), so it might take a while to get to me.

If I finish the second long border and the new yarn hasn’t arrived, I can always weave the ends in.

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Log Cabin Blanket

Log Moderne Progress

I am still working on Miss A’s blanket – her birthday has come and gone and still I am knitting. This is the only thing I am working on right now. I am onto the last two squares (knit simultaneously with an intarsia twist in the middle). Then there is the border to work on.

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Weaving and Log Moderne Progress

Inkle Loom

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman with many crafts must want another one.

I have always been fascinated by weaving, but I didn’t want to invest the space or money to get a large loom. I tried card weaving, but it just didn’t work for me and then Kate Davies wrote about learning how to use an Inkle Loom and I was intrigued. I resisted for a while – do I really need another craft? And another piece of craft equipment? But then one of my students miraculously passed his OLNA and I decided I needed a treat.

I bought an Ashford Inkle Loom from The Good Yarn. I have watched some youtube videos and spent a very long time warping the loom. I am using DMC embroidery floss, but next time I will use cones from The Good Yarn.

As you can see from the image above, it is taking me a while to get the tension right, but I feel I am improving.

Log Moderne Blanket Progress

I am still working on my blanket for Miss A, I have just picked up for the last two squares, which are knitted simultaneously. It’s not going to be finished in time, but I don’t want to rush and ruin it.

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