Field Bag

My new (army green) field bag

My new (army green) field bag

My field bag from Fringe Association Supply Co has arrived – in the much coveted army green (Australians call it khaki). It is fabulous – it stays upright when you put it on a table or the floor, it is a nice solid canvas, it has a pocket inside for my note book and spots for needles.

This was a decadent purchase – it was $85 US (including shipping), which means it was $120 AUD. I loved it and can see myself using it all of the time – it is a really stylish knitting bag not like the frumpy, quilted, flowery things you normally find.


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  1. Christina

    Hello Sorry for contacting you this way. I´m lookint for this green field bag since forever. Are you interestet in selling this one to me? if not, sorry for asking. 🙂 Have a nice day

  2. SewWitty

    Hi, no I have no plans on selling it – I really like it. I am sure there will be more soon. Racquel

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