2015 – In Review

My small collection of finished objects!

My small collection of finished objects!

It is a strange feeling to look back and see how little I finished this year. Just one pair of socks, a pin cushion, canvas work sampler, canvas work pendant and one quilt block. I have taken on longer projects – with the my weekly embroidery course plus I have taken on extra (maths) students this year, which does eat into my time.

One of the highlights of my year was the Canvas Work class – for three hours a week I sit down with like-minded souls and stitch. Every week I would think ‘no I don’t have the time for this’, but after ten minutes the calmness seeped in and at the end of the session I was ready to face my hectic life again.

This year it is all about finishing things off :- Miss P’s socks, Miss A’s hat, fingerless mitts, sampler quilt, embroidery and a tapestry cushion kit I bought in Sydney.

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