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November Sock Progress

November Sock Knitting Progress

My sock is progressing. There is a 1×1 twisted rib and now I am using the leg pattern from Helen Stewart’s Vapour socks.

Yarn is from Louie and Lola and is Merino, Silk and Yak in the dusty rose colour way. I’m using 2.25mm needles.

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October Socks

October Socks

I have started work on my very originally named ‘October Socks’.

The yarn is a malabrigo, but I can’t remember the name and I have lost the label (maybe Diana or Arco Iris).

Japanese Knitting Stitches Book

For the leg and foot I am using a stitch pattern from Japanese Knitting Stitches – it has a 9 stitch repeat. It is hard to see in my images but there is a knot stitch and then a 1 stitch cable (alternating between right and left).

To fit the stitch pattern, I cast on 63 and did a rib that would flow into the pattern (K2, P3, K2, P2).

I learnt how to do the cable without a cable needle, by firstly using a cable needle and observing what was happening. This is an easy to memorise pattern and the sock is flowing easily.

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Heart Socks

Heart Socks

I am keen to improve my knitting skills and colour work always looks so lovely. These socks are from the Boost Your Knitting book. I was intrigued by the idea of intarsia in the round.

It came together quite well – I am disappointed about the reverse side. Despite my best efforts there is a noticeable ‘join’. It is on the inside of your leg (when you are wearing the socks).

The issue of the join is that you are making one stitch out of two, so it is always going to have more yarn than a normal stitch and it just stands out.

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Birthday Socks

Progress on the birthday sock

I have been spending all of my craft time on Mr Sewwitty’s birthday sock – this is the first one and I still have a bit to go before the toe (I made him try it on today).

A knot in my yarn!

Annoyingly, the yarn had a knot in it – I cut the knot and weaved in both ends as I went, but still annoying.

This is just a plain sock – although it has a twisted rib and eye of partridge heel, so not completely plain.

The yarn is a Waikiwi print, which I bought at Cross Way’s Wool and Fabric.

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Birthday Sock


Someone in my house has a big birthday this year, so I thought a pair of socks might be in order (despite the large feet).

I am using a Waikiwi Print in shade 459 (it’s the brown mix). I bought three balls (because of the big feet).

Progress on Sock 1

I have done a twisted rib and then it’s going to be a plain vanilla sock.

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Heartgyle Socks

Progress on Heartgyle Socks

I have started knitting the Heartgyle socks from Boost Your Knitting – the intarsia heart is going well, but the getting it to work in the round is not going so well (see below)

Back of Heartgyle sock

You can see where I have been doing the yarn overs and the turn. The instructions do say

You will see that the turn between right side and wrong side creates a small ridge in the work but it is not hugely obvious.

And they have an image and it’s true on their sock it isn’t very obvious. I can see that my later turns are better – more discreet if you like, but now I need to decide if I rip it back and start again. I am leaning towards ripping back.

There are some great tutorials on how to do this on You Tube – here.

I think the method is good it’s just my execution.

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Back to my first knitting love – socks

Nighthawk Socks

I finally finished my hap (images once I have blocked it) and have returned to my first love – socks!

I was going to knit a version of Helen Stewart’s Fragment socks, but the pattern disappeared in the colour changes. So I have gone with an almost plain vanilla sock – it is knit 6, purl 1.

The yarn is Mad Tosh Night Hawk, which (sadly) has been discontinued.

I have knitted this from the top down, which is my preferred method, but I seem to have a holey gusset. Kate Atherley’s book Custom Socks has a few ideas about this, so I will try those on the second sock.

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Finished Christmas Socks!

Finished christmas socks

I finished my christmas socks – I think one of them is inside out in the image above.

So now I am going to start knitting a pair of Smooth Operator socks using Fortissima Mexiko Cotton Stretch (in colour 59).

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My Arachnid Mitts

It was Miss P’s turn to select something to be knitted. I let her browse Ravelry and these were the ones she found – Arachnid by Karen Fournier.

So far this is a great pattern – very easy to follow. I am using double points, but magic loop might have been better (at one stage I had to cable across needles).

The yarn is Patons Patonyle Merino Ombre in Coral.

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Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas Progress

I have reached the point where I join the sleeves to the body. I am concerned it is about here that things normally go pear-shaped. It is all of the shaping and the ‘doing this while at the same time doing that’. I am trying to stay calm, read all of the instructions (although the bit about wrapless short rows has me worried).

There are a lot of ends to weave in as well and I wonder if I should do a few of those now rather than saving them all for the end?

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