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Finished Christmas Socks!

Finished christmas socks

I finished my christmas socks – I think one of them is inside out in the image above.

So now I am going to start knitting a pair of Smooth Operator socks using Fortissima Mexiko Cotton Stretch (in colour 59).

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My Arachnid Mitts

It was Miss P’s turn to select something to be knitted. I let her browse Ravelry and these were the ones she found – Arachnid by Karen Fournier.

So far this is a great pattern – very easy to follow. I am using double points, but magic loop might have been better (at one stage I had to cable across needles).

The yarn is Patons Patonyle Merino Ombre in Coral.

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Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas Progress

I have reached the point where I join the sleeves to the body. I am concerned it is about here that things normally go pear-shaped. It is all of the shaping and the ‘doing this while at the same time doing that’. I am trying to stay calm, read all of the instructions (although the bit about wrapless short rows has me worried).

There are a lot of ends to weave in as well and I wonder if I should do a few of those now rather than saving them all for the end?

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Update on Knitting

Two Hats and a Sock

It is school holidays here and we went away for a week – to here

It was a lovely week away.

Anyway, it meant I had a bit of knitting time.

I knitted two more pussyhats (some friends had asked for their own hats) and then I wanted to knit something that wasn’t pink! I have been knitting a very generic sock – although it seems to be a bit saggy despite my reducing my calf measurement by an inch. Swatches lie!

The yarn is Wendy Roam Fusion (Colourway Force).

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Stranded Colour Work

Stranded Colour Work

A dear friend has decided she knits to learn how to knit, so she has started classes – here – I decided to go too. As I wanted to make the most of the opportunity, I decided to do something I had never done before – colour work. I quick search on Ravelry lead me to Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Crafty class (Definitely worth it if you are considering it).

I have just got to the first colour section and so far so good – I am able to hold the pattern wool in my left hand (I am a thrower so I thought this would be beyond me). Feels odd, but seems to be working OK.

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Blank Canvas and Pride and Prejudice

Blank Canvas Progress

I have been away on holiday – to Rottnest and the best thing about Rottnest is that there is not much to do, so you have time! I finished another pussyhat and as you can see above worked on my Blank Canvas. I have made it to the point where I start increasing (after all the waist decreasing).

While knitting I have been watching Pride and Prejudice this version

Pride and Prejudice 1995

I do like this version who can forget such memorable moments as Mr Darcy in the bath, Lydia running into Mr Collins while scampering about in her undies, Mr Darcy’s wet shirt? And the costumes – I do love beautiful period costumes. I have the book The Making of Pride and Prejudice, which is full of fabulous information about the production and has a chapter on costume, hair and make-up.

Mood Board for Mr Darcy and a design for Caroline Bingley

There is also a Making of Pride and Prejudice documentary you can watch – it is on the DVD and Bluray.

I am amazed and intrigued by how these productions come together.

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A Hat (for the pussyhat project)

I made a hat! For the pussyhatproject – I used this pattern because I wanted to be able to knit in the round. The yarn is Cleckheaton Country Aran 10ply  in Colour 4016 (magenta).

Now I just have to make another one, and another one because I am confounded and distressed about what the election in the US and Brexit means for the rest of the world (and what it says about people in general).

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A finished Object – Nowhere Cowl

Finished Nowhere Cowl

I finished my Nowhere Cowl. This was a great pattern  – easy, but interesting. In the end I did seven repeats of the pattern.

It is a fabulous squishy soft yarn – Misti Alpaca Tonis Carnival (colour is symphony blue) – perfect for a cowl.


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Blank Canvas

Swatch for my Blank Canvas

I have lost track of the number of times I have started to knit this yarn! It is Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Dk in Tease. My latest effort is here – I just seem to lose concentration and it all goes pear-shaped.

I decided to knit something without a pattern/texture/stitch design to see if I could get the basic jumper shaping thing sorted.

I did what I am calling a cheat’s swatch in the round (instructions were here) – I managed to get gauge (both stitch and number of rounds – miraculous! I am sure my swatch is lying to me) with the second set of needles I tried, so now I just need to get on with it.

One further concern is the volume of yarn required – I stashed 1394m and the pattern tells me I need 870m, but I have lost a bit of yarn in all of my previous attempts.

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A Finished Object Plus Some New Projects

Little Houses, Favourite Scarf and Nowhere Cowl

I finished my favourite scarf – it is currently blocking on my outdoor table. I am not too happy with the kitchener join – I think I should have had the pieces abutting each other rather than wrong sides together when I did it.

On the left of the image is the start of one of my Little Houses – I have to say working on the plastic canvas is surprisingly fun.

On the right of the image is my Nowhere Cowl – I don’t know if you can read it in the image, but there is quite a nice message about how the chart seems daunting, but is really quite easy. So far that does seem to be the case – it is quite easy to remember each row as I am doing it.

Craftsy – In the Hoop Gifts

I have also been watching my In the Hoop Gifts craftsy class – just the lesson on making zipper pouches. I do like the instructor – Sue O’Very -I am going to have to go and buy labels! I like how she has constructed her zipper bag and there a lots of little hints and tips I can use for other projects. Now to just get onto making one.

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