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Gingerbread House Cross Stitch

The bottom and back of my Gingerbread House

I started working on this house late last year to use as a model for my girls, but soon realised it was going to take a long time and that they wouldn’t have the patience to finish it. I wondered if even I had the patience (dedication) to finish it, but when I added the back stitch the design popped and now I feel quite motivated (I doubt it will be finished this year).

The design is from the 2016 Family Circle Christmas Special – you might still be able to find the pattern here.

I bought the plastic canvas from Spotlight and I am using 6 strands of DMC floss, 2 for the backstitching.

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So many mistakes

My Lady’s Quaker

I kept making mistakes on this quaker motif…

Finished version from Jardin Prive

The one in the top right corner.

I have put in some tacking lines – I hope this fixes my counting issues.

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My Lady’s Quaker

My Lady’s Quaker

As someone who prides themselves, on my ability to do maths – this cross stitch has humbled me. The motif in the top right I must have stitched at least twice.

The pattern is My Lady’s Quaker from Jardin Prive – 32 count Belfast linen, DMC threads (Black and a Variegated Red)

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My Lady’s Quaker

Progress on My Lady’s Quaker

I have been looking at various different ways of cross stitching. I stitch in hand one stitch at a time. I have tried Q-Snaps, but they hurt my hands getting them on and off, and I do have hoops (this one  and while I do like this hoop – it is a bit of a pain to carry it around and set it up each time). I wanted to have less fuss and effort so I went with stitching in hand.

I do what I think is called the stab method (terrible name), but I thought I should try the sewing method however my tension was a bit crap, so I fallen back to the tried and tested method.

I was hoping to progress a bit quicker, but I will just have to make more of the process.

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My Lady’s Quaker

My Lady’s Quaker

I have been working on this a little bit at a time.  It’s from here.

It is on 32 count Belfast linen, which seems to be the limit of what I can do. It takes me a while to get my eye in so to speak and then I find it quite easy.

I have learnt how to do a pin stitch to start and stop stitching – from Hands Across the Sea Samplers. Nicola has a YouTube video you can watch. It has made the back much tidier and I am now using the loop method to start the non-variegated thread (the black in the image above).


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Quaker Lady

Cross Stitch Progress

I have been working (slowly) on my Live Simply sampler and I have started work on my My Lady’s Quaker from here – it is big (for me) 160 stitches by 160 and so I shall be working on it for a long time.

I have continued on my sock and hope to have it finished by the end of the month – my aim is a pair of socks a month. There is a lot going on in the next month, so I might not get there, but then I am going to knit Winter Rose Socks – I have this yarn in mind – in colour 2170.

There is not enough time to stitch and knit all of the things… I suspect this is a nice problem to have.


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Live Simply

Live Simply – Cross Stitch Progress

I have continued to work may way through my Craftsy class – I now know how to do the pin stitch on linen (brilliant – why didn’t I know that?)

Once I get going, I find this quite easy. I am thinking 32 count Belfast Linen might be my thing. I tried to buy more at Spotlight today, but I had to buy the whole 10m role – that’s $880 – so I said ‘no thanks’ to that and I will buy more from the Crewel Gobelin.

Second Christmas Sock

I am still knitting the second sock – I have reached the toe decreases.

I did a much better job on the gusset this time. I found this article on avoiding holes and it was fabulous (no holes!).

The yarn and the needles have both been great – yarn from passionedflower (on Etsy) and the needles are the new Addi ones.


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A New Year

Christmas Sock and Live Simply Cross Stitch Progress

It’s a new year! Happy New Year everyone. I don’t have any resolutions for this year (I never stick to them anyway), nor do I have any crafting goals (they don’t happen either), but I do have a word/theme – Simplify. I hope to finish a few things and not buy anything more (because I am finding my collection of yarn, fabric, embroidery supplies and books over-whelming and anxiety inducing).

I wanted to make a Christmas sock – I didn’t get the idea until a week before Christmas, so it was quite hard to find yarn (or yarn that had some chance of getting to me in time). I bought peppermint pie from passioned flower on Etsy. Great service and the yarn is beautiful – I will definitely be purchasing more for next Christmas (maybe in October?). I am just knitting a plain-vanilla sock – I contemplated attempting an after thought heel, but I wanted something easy that I could knit while sitting by the pool, watching TV etc.

You might notice in the above image that I am using Addi Crasy Trio needles – they’re fabulous. I don’t really like magic loop and when I use dpns I get ladders at the jump between needles, but these are brilliant.

I have also been working on my Live Simply cross stitch. This is the project from the Craftsy class. This is the first time I have used linen (32 count Belfast) and I love it. I prefer the way this looks to Aida. One thing I am struggling with is stitching path – I want to have as few jumps as possible (and I am not even that keen on weaving through the back of other threads to get to the next spot). It is a bit like the network Travelling Salesman Problem. Is there any technique or method I could use?

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Cross Stitch Adventures

The start of my Live Simply cross stitch

My supplies arrived from the Crewel Gobelin – great service, I will definitely use them again – so I have started working on the chart from my Craftsy course.

This is the first time I have worked on linen (32 count Belfast) and although I haven’t done much, I really like it. I am using a Gloriana silk (Bellagio) – so nice. So two firsts – linen and silk!

I am rail-roading and stitching in the hand. I am quite slow, but I am sure that with practice I will get faster and besides, for me, cross stitch is all about the journey and not the end point.

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A New Project – Little Houses

Little Houses

Little Houses

I know another new project – does anything ever get finished around here?

I found this project in the Christmas edition of the Family Circle magazine. I thought it might be something that the girls would like to do. You can find the project sheet here.

I have purchased supplies (I have no idea if my plastic canvas is the right size, but it was all I could find), wound the DMC thread onto the cards and now I am ready to go.

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