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Dame Nature Du Printemps

Dame Nature Du Temps from Jardin Privé

Any stitching time that I have had, I have been working on my Spring piece from Jardin Privé. To feel less over-whelmed I am being a monogamous stitcher. Progress is very slow. Yesterday I think I achieved 10 stitches (after I had to unpick).

I bought the kit as well as the pattern.

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Dame Nature Du Printemps Cross Stitch

Printemps from Jardin Privé

I have been working solely on this project (Dame Nature Du Printemps). I bought the kit with 32 count linen.

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My Kit has Arrived

Dame Nature du Printemps

My kit from Jardin Privé has arrived – it was very quick. I am super keen to get started, there is a sheep and a chook!

I do have to finish my Gingerbread House, and my Cinnamon Stars first.

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My Lady’s Quaker Finished

My Lady’s Quaker is Finished!

I finished! This project languished because I struggled to see the stitchers clearly. I got new glasses and while that helped it didn’t solve the problem. However, I bought this magnifier and it has made a huge difference.

The pattern is My Lady’s Quaker from Jardin Prive. I did it on a 32 count Belfast linen (from Zweigart). The black is standard DMC 310 and the red is a variegated DMC 115.

I started it in February 2018, so 18 months to finish it (although it’s about the process).

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New Embroidery Hoop

I decided I needed to be able to stitch two-handed and I didn’t want a frame and a stand and I am not a huge fan of Q-Snaps I find they hurt my fingers getting the plastic bit on and off.

I decided to try a hoop – a two layer hoop to be precise.

This is the stitch ezi hoop from here – I believe it is made in Australia.

I have used it once and so far I have liked it. I can rotate the top hoop so I can weave my ends into the back and I am sure once I get better at using two hands I will speed up.

In the above image I am working on My Lady’s Quaker from Jardin Prive. I love this chart – my progress is slow, but it is about the journey not the destination.

I have also ordered this hoop, which in retrospect might not be as good, because you cannot rotate the top hoop. However, it might pack up smaller and that has to be a good thing. That’s not due to arrive for a while, so I will see how I get on with my stitch ezi hoop. I can attach one of those peg book lights – one like this and it works really well.


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