One October Sock Finished

October Sock Finished

I have finished one of my October Socks – and on the second I have started on the leg (it’s top down, so I have a long way to go!).

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Jumping on the Crochet Bandwagon

My crochet wash cloth

A lot of people in my knitting group have taken up crochet, so I decided I should too. I have a book, Erica Knight’s one, and I am attempting the easiest pattern.

I do like how easy it is to undo crochet and have another go. This yarn is cotton and it’s a bit splitty, which is not good for a beginner. It’s all double crochet, but at least I get to be proficient at this stitch.

The yarn is Abbey Road Kung Fu Cotton from Spotlight.

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Halloween Cat

Halloween Cat

I have been having chemotherapy and now have neuropathy in my fingers and toes. I wasn’t sure how this would affect my embroidering, but it hasn’t made any difference. I have been able to work on my Halloween Cat project.

This is a Satsuma Street design. I am using DMC threads and a 25 count linen (2 strands over 2 threads).

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October Socks

October Socks

I have started work on my very originally named ‘October Socks’.

The yarn is a malabrigo, but I can’t remember the name and I have lost the label (maybe Diana or Arco Iris).

Japanese Knitting Stitches Book

For the leg and foot I am using a stitch pattern from Japanese Knitting Stitches – it has a 9 stitch repeat. It is hard to see in my images but there is a knot stitch and then a 1 stitch cable (alternating between right and left).

To fit the stitch pattern, I cast on 63 and did a rib that would flow into the pattern (K2, P3, K2, P2).

I learnt how to do the cable without a cable needle, by firstly using a cable needle and observing what was happening. This is an easy to memorise pattern and the sock is flowing easily.

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Sampler Quilt


I am back to working on my Sampler Quilt – one more block to quilt and then I have to put the thing together. I am embarrassed about how long this thing is taking – 7 years and counting (and it has put me off quilting).

I am determined to get it finished.

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Corona Sock Became Dotty Sock

Dotty Socks

My original intention was to knit corona socks, but it didn’t go well. I stuffed up converting from flat to in the round and decided to do something else – Polka dot socks.

The yarn is Malabrigo Sock (033 Cereza) and I am using 2.25mm needles. Twisted rib, cuff and a normal heel flap, heel turn.

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Chemo/Poison Blanket

Chemo/Poison Blanket

I wanted a project that was easy and quick while I had chemotherapy (for breast cancer). My local yarn store suggested this pattern (it’s an out of print vintage pattern). They had a sample in the store.

The yarn is Cleakheaton Country 8ply (Col 1843) and I used two strands to knit it with big needles (sorry can’t remember the size).

I duplicate stitched the ends, rather than weaving them in, because I want it to be two sided.

Now I plan to finish a few unfinished projects.

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Road Side Beanie

Road Side Beanie by Oliver Henry and Sandra Mason

This was the hat for the 2019 Shetland Wool Week. I have always been fascinated by colour work, patterns like this

“Rams and Yowes” and “Tortoise and Hare” both by Kate Davies

But they seem very complicated, so I need to build myself up to that level.

I thought a hat would be easier and Miss A was going on the school ski trip (cancelled now due to Covid 19).

I bought a kit for the Road Side beanie from Calico and Ivy (if you are in Perth this is a lovely store).

Road Side Beanie Progress

It’s coming along slowly – here’s me knitting a bit of it

I should have used circular needles, but I used what I had on hand, which was dpns. I am up to the crown decreases, so it should all get a little bit faster. This requires a bit of concentration so I haven’t been watching any T.V while knitting it. I did finish Little Fires Everywhere – it was very good.

I would like to finish this by July, which is when the tour was meant to take place.

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A New Sock Project

One of my sneaky children liberated this yarn from my stash and gave it to me for mother’s day!

So this will be the next sock project – after the Covid socks. I am going to pick a pattern from the 52 Weeks of Sock book.

No new T.V series to report on – I gave up on The Last Kingdom (too violent for me). I am looking forward to the new series The Great.

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Corona Sock

I needed to knit something that didn’t require as much concentration as my roadside beanie, so I started knitting my corona sock – just working on the cuff at the moment.

Finished The Miniaturist and have started the latest season (season 4?) of The Last Kingdom – possibly too violent for me (someone got an arrow in the eye – ergh)

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