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The Knitting Olympics

I failed to finish my olympic challenge! I finished one sock, but I haven’t even started the second one.

Was I overly ambitious? It was certainly very hot here (it was 42° C on Thursday) which isn’t conducive to knitting. But really I didn’t put in enough time – it didn’t go well and I got discouraged.

I was very unhappy with the yarn – there was a join in it! And it hasn’t been dyed very well. However, it is very comfortable.

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The Knitting Olympics – Disaster

My knitting has all gone horribly wrong – the cables were a complete mess. I’ve ripped the whole thing and I shall start again. This time round I’m going to use bamboo needles and I’m just going to knit a stocking stitch sock – the wool is so slippery I think anything else is beyond me.

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2010 Knitting Olympics


I’ve decided to enter the 2010 Knitting Olympics.


 I’m going to make a socks with a cable pattern. I’m using the master pattern in the Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design.

I’ve never done anything with cables before, so I thought that would be a bit of a challenge and actually finishing something in 17 days will be a challenge.

The knitting above is my tension square (I’m training for the main event). The yarn is Happy by Wendy in shade Capricorn.

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