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Another Finished Object

I finished my scarf! The exclamation mark is well-deserved. I’ve been working on this scarf since July 2009! It’s a Jo Sharp pattern (Long Ridged Scarf) and I used Jo Sharp DK wool in Ink.

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Casting On

I’ve started the top – so far so good.

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Knit Store Excursion

I went to Knit, which is Jo Sharp’s yarn store. It’s a great store – quite small, but the staff are helpful and they have made up versions of their patterns that you can try on and then decide if you want to knit them. Such a good idea – saves you spending all that time knitting something only to discover it doesn’t suit you at all.

Fortunately I didn’t purchase any yarn – my stash is reaching unmanageable proportions. I did, however, pick up a copy of Knit Issue 2.

I’m quite interested in knitting the bolero (last image on the right below).

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Vanilla Oat Biscuits and Other Stuff

I dug out my copy of The Gentle Art of Domesiticity looking for a bit of baking inspiration.  I made the vanilla oat biscuits, which were very easy to bake (and were quite popular with A and P). I can’t find a recipe online, but here are some of Jane Brocket’s other recipes.  I haven’t included a photo because mine look very ugly (unlike Ms Brocket’s).

On the knitting front, I’ve almost finished my cardigan (just the collar to go). I’m not that impressed with my knitting… I hope it is simply a matter of practice. I’ve also bought more yarn (off Ebay) – Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool in Ink. I bought 5 balls, so now I need to think of a project.

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