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Iowa Star Foundation Pieced

Iowa Star Foundation Pieced

Iowa Star Foundation Pieced

I have finished another quilt block for my sampler quilt. This one was quite disappointing – points don’t really match as they should and some of the pieces didn’t flip and sew too well. I am completely over this quilt – just want to be at the end, so unless I have a burst of motivation at the end I am not re doing this one.

I have really struggled with getting the pieces the right size so that when you stitch and flip they’re the right size. Maybe I need to make some templates?

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Iowa Star Foundation Block Made with Embroidery Machine

Iowa Star

Iowa Star

The above block is 1/4 of an Iowa Star.  You need to imagine 4 of them exactly the same, but rotated to make a square in the middle – like this

iowa Star from Quilters Cache

Iowa Star from Quilters Cache

I digitised the block using Embird Studio and it came together quickly. I did cut some of the fabric pieces a little too small, but this block was just a test to see how well I had digitised the design.


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