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Alter Steps Quilt Block


Altar Steps

Altar Steps

My digitising adventures continue. This one came together quite quickly. Although I need to find a way of reversing stitching direction. When I change the starting point to the end point all of the other points vanish. Any ideas?

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Applique T-Shirts

Miss A wanted a Pony T-Shirt.

I’ve put it all together in Embird. The pony and flower are from Designs by Juju. The alphabet I use in the label is one of Embird’s alphabets (22 I think) and I make the satin stitched borders in Thred.


This is Miss P (who – of course – wanted a dinosaur).


The Dinosaur design is also from Designs by Juju.

I’m hoping to get them stitched out tomorrow – Miss A is back at school!

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Machine Embroidery – Multi Hooping – I Did It!

I have an embroidery sewing machine. It’s largest hoop is 200mm by 140mm (not including the gigahoop). I’ve always wanted to embroider a larger area and finally I did. I used Embird (to create the design and print the template) and a clothsetter (to place the fabric accurately in the hoop).

I made a birth sampler for Miss A (I removed her name and birth date from the above image for obvious reasons). It measures 35cm by 35cm and took 7 hoopings.

I will write a tutorial about my method (because I searched and couldn’t find anything particularly helpful).

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