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Colours of Shetland – Kate Davies

Colours of Shetland - Kate Davies

Colours of Shetland – Kate Davies

This is a beautiful book – the paper is lovely and the photography spectacular.

It is divided into five sections – with an essay and two designs per section – plus there is a technique section at the end.

I found the essays interesting – Kate’s writing is very evocative there is a strong sense of place.

These are the designs I’m coveting …

Stevenson Sweater

Stevenson Sweater

This is my absolute favourite …

Ursula Carigan

Ursula Cardigan

Kate says this is probably the most difficult design in the book, but could be attempted by a confident beginner. As much as I love it, I think it is beyond me at this stage.

and finally …

Northmavine Hoody

Northmavine Hoody

This one is all about the colours.

This is a lovely book and I think most knitters would love it – even ones like me who just admire the pictures!

There is a code so you can download the e book (when it is available).

More …

Kate’s blog

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Guess What Arrived in My Letter Box?

My Colours of Shetland arrived earlier this week Рit was super fast delivery.

I’ve been reading Kate’s blog for a while and I am always amazed at what a prolific knitter she is! I’m not sure if I am just an incredibly slow knitter or terribly inefficient, but I can’t produce even a quarter of what Kate does.

I’m very keen to attempt some colour knitting next year and I shall read this book with interest – although they might all be beyond me!

On another note school holidays have started and things will probably slow down here a bit. Miss A is still feeling poorly – it’s been two weeks – but the GP assures me it’s just a virus.







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