Birds …again

Resting Birds Progress

Resting Birds Progress


It is easier to see my progress when you look at the back.

So in the evenings (or during the day) when I am tired and very unlikely to do anything productive I sit down with my needlepoint and work a few more stitches.

I’m just working tent stitch (which is a fancy way of saying half cross stitch). Being an orderly type of person (some might say a bit of a control freak), I like to have an order to my stitching. Currently that order is rotating through the colours; white, light-green, medium-green, dark-green, navy blue, white, … even just listing all of the colours is mesmorising.

I have now finished all of the light-green (yay! although this is all about the process and not so much about the end product).

This particular project has proven to be easy to do and very relaxing – more people should take it up.

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