A New Knitting Project

Current work in progress

Current work in progress

As Miss A won’t wear socks, I needed to knit her something different – she chose a hat. Together we searched Ravelry and found this hat (Azurite). She picked the yarn –Filatura Di Crosa Baby Zarina Print.

I haven’t knitted a hat before, but so far so good.

The instructions call for a LT (Left Twist) which involves dropping a stitch (carefully), moving the stitch behind it to the right needle, picking the stitch up again and the moving the stitch back – really just changing the stitch order of the first two stitches on the left needle. I was not prepared to drop a stitch – no matter how carefully – so I have been using a cable needle. A bit wussy I know, but I couldn’t deal with the drama of a laddering dropped stitch.

I’m finding knitting this to be quite compelling – it is a 9 stitch pattern that I can remember quite easily, so I can knit this while watching various British period dramas – like this one or this one.

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