A new craft

Learning to Crochet

Learning to Crochet

I have never attempted crochet before – but I have always thought that making granny squares would be relaxing and so when it became clear I needed to relax I decided to learn.

This book (Crochet Workshop by Erika Knight) is beautiful. I am working on the first (and simplest) project a dishcloth. I have learnt how to make a foundation chain (it is really just finger knitting) and how to double crochet (is double crochet called single crochet in the US?).

I like the fact that is seems impossible to drop a stitch! I am not entirely sure how to control the yarn – at the moment it feels very awkward, but I suspect I will get better with practice. I have been making the time to practice I think it is keeping me sane (even in the school holidays!) and while practising I have been watching an early BBC adaptation of Emma.

Jane Fairfax (in the foreground) and Emma and Mr Knightley

Jane Fairfax (in the foreground) and Emma and Mr Knightley

It is not as beautiful as modern adaptations, but it follows the plot of the novel very closely. Definitely worth watching if you are an Austen fan.

I am quite keen to try one of these (ripple blanket), but obviously not for a bed – sofa woobie (as my girls say) would be big enough!

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